Yoon Lineage W 6th Character Name

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] NCsoft (Representative Kim Taekjin) announced on December 12, established a new World Kenlau Hell of Lineage W and started the 6th pre-character name preemption event.

The company launched the pre-character name pre-character for 11:00 AM on September 30th, and on October 10th, the total number of days between 7 of the 7th World (84 servers), I have expanded the personnel.

On October 10, at 9 pm, New World Kenlau Hell was opened and started the 5th pre-character name preemption event. Kenlau Hell World is also finished in midnight for 3 hours.

Simul games in August 2

NCsoft is under October 11th to increase the number of accommodation of Kenlau Hell and the 6th character name preemption event. The user can participate in the character name preemption on the official website and prescribe the world, class, and character name. The character name exists only one in the World (12 servers).

Meanwhile, Lineage W starts on November 4th Global Services.