NEW WORLD Patch 1 0 4 FIXT More Errors Bring Server

Amazon has released the new patch 1.0.4 forNew World. There is also a server downtime / maintenance. The update continues to focus on bug fixes and should return the outpost storm and the server transfers, both of which were previously disabled.

What are the biggest changes? In addition to the return of the two disabled content, there were some bug fixes and minor adjustments. we have gathered here the most important changes:

It should have been fixed to invulnerability several glitches.

The starting area in Immerfall is disabled, so that more players will be distributed to the other starter zones.
The effect of the life bar will be strengthened.
The limit of the fraction marks is increased at each stage by 50%.
The bug that caused the ice column got an infinite cooldown has been fixed.
An exploit in wars to take by the player without damage could take a capture point that should have been fixed, but will also continue to be monitored.

When return Server transfers and Outpost storm back?

The server transfers will be activated at 11:00 German time for US West today. If there everything goes according to plan, the remaining regions are to be released at 23:00.
The PvP outpost storm to be activated at 11:00 for the South American region. Everything works, then it is at 29.10. released at 4:00 am for Europe.

As long as the servers are down? The maintenance work began at 7:00 pm and is expected to last until 11:00. We at MeinMMO keep you for renewal to date. All the maintenance work on the 10.28 in New World can be found here.

As usual, we have added to you the complete patch notes from Amazon below (via NewWord.de).

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The full patch notes on 1.0.4 update

General Changes

The Immerfall start beach was removed to new players to run through the other three places and to increase the likelihood that new players can start and friends together.
The discount on the first house reduces the purchase price, but not the taxes. However, the user stated that the tax would be reduced and only after the player had bought the house and the taxes were due, they realized that they have to pay this full. We compensate all players who have bought a house before the correction of the user interface, with 200 coins.
Performance in wars has been slightly improved.
We have the effect of life bar slightly improved by changing the passive skill Healing Touch and Impact of bliss.
In update 1.0.3 we have fixed a bug where companies of several areas or failed declarations of war could lose income by owning. In this update, we will replace the lost income.
The companies concerned will receive the missed them due to this error coins refunded in their treasuries.
The refunded income can not exceed the treasury limit.
If companies were given up, they do not get lost coins refunded.
We have increased the fraction brand limit for each faction rank by 50%. So players can earn additional brands, even if they have reached the Ruflimit and want to save up brands, as they work in the next faction rank the rise. These are the new values:
Rank 1: 7,500 marks (instead of 5000)
Rank 2: 15.000 marks (instead of 10,000)
Rank 3: 22.500 marks (instead of 15,000)
Rank 4: 37.500 marks (instead of 25,000)
Rank 5: 75,000 marks (instead of 50,000)

General fixes

Fixed bug where the parliamentary market limits did not increase after players had completed the ascent tasks for their faction.
Fixed rare bugs at which world time jumped forward or back, causing a series of mistakes in the world.
Fixed bug, lost by the player in their possession in the reester reef lost.
Several rare errors have been fixed with server crashes.
Fixed bug where the notification of a lock indicated the wrong times.
Fixed bug where players were able to use their world transfers, even though they still had active trading posts, which led to additional problems when the transfer was done.
Fixed bug by which some Ki characters did not appear as intended in the world.
Fixed bug where Düsterheim corrupter portals in Bruchberg distributed higher-level equipment as planned and have released faster than planned again.
Fixed bug where opponent dropped in Düsterheim-corrupted portal events.
Fixed bugs that triggered an unintentional animation when interacting with the Breingen Kettle body. Fixed bug by which the trowel did not appear in the player in the interaction.
Fixed errors with star metal and Orichalcumerzaden, in which large archae only produced small amounts of ore and smaller arches larger quantities of ore.
Fixed bug where the timer for the warlottery during the blocking time in wars has not been paused correctly.
Rendering removal of the Jack Tuna Distancy Pumpkin Lights corrected.
Fixed bug through which the GM-chat marker at players that are not GM has been displayed.
Fixed bug, flickered through the armor textures.
Fixed mistakes in the StarstoneGrab Hill Expedition, where Arcane Protection Players did not protect against certain lasers.
Fixed bug where certain opponents in the Amrhein excavation were invulnerable.
Fixed bug where the cooldown of the ice column could be infinitely.
Fixed bug where players could get rings that had two effects that shared the same exclusive name and should not exist on the same ring.
Fixed any bug by displaying no floor graphics for ice cuffs and ice column attacks.
Fixed bugs, through which player could no longer perform various actions after grading.

Preliminary bug fixes

Below is preliminary bug fixes and improvements. Our goal is to install these changes in the game and to see if the bugs have been resolved or still exist so that we may continue to work on them and to fix them in an upcoming update.

New World Patch Notes 1.0.4 Server Transfer Outpost Rush Enabled!
War Exploit fixed, through which player could use magic effects with area effect (AOE) to conquer assembly varieties without damaging. This should have been improved by the changes in war performance and life ranging effect. However, we will continue to keep in mind to see if the problem persists.
We have fixed several well-known causes of invulnerability of players. This has top priority for our team and we will continue to search solutions for other causes of this problem.
We probably resolved the problem where players could stick to the outpost tower after leaving the outpost tower. This was a rare mistake that our team could not reproduce. We will continue to monitor this during the launch of the update.