FC Bayern Munich Hamann criticizes Upamecano sharp Must learn his lesson

The history of Berlin, the funding of Germany, covers the duration given that its first human negotiation in primitive times to the present. Berlin as well as Cölln in 1307 (in today s Museum Island) took part a city that maintained the name Berlin. In 1415 she was elected funding of Brandenburg and also has actually consequently been the resources of the Kingdom of Prussia, of the German Realm, the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany.
Throughout the last months of the Second Globe War, the Allies bombed most German cities. The Fight of Berlin was the final face-off between Germany and also the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which brought as a straight consequence the unconditional surrender of Germany to the Red Military.
After completion of World Battle II in Europe, Berlin was occupied militarily in 4 zones. In 1948, the 3 western markets (West Berlin), the allies of the West established the cash from the Federal Republic of Germany, FRG, after the financial reform. The Soviet Union replica with the blockade of West Berlin and the creation of the German Democratic Republic (GDR in 1949). The Berlin clog was introduced when land access to the western part of the city were blocked in 1948 by the Red Army. The clog lasted practically a year, as well as along with the political stress that caused in between globe powers, is born in mind by the tiresome sourcing approach of western Berlin s population, which they provided the allied militaries with a bridge air throughout several months.
In 1961, the GDR constructed the Berlin Wall surface to separate both parts of the city, and without a doubt to isolate West Berlin from the GDR. The autumn of the Berlin Wall in 1989 offered the okay, the federal government of the GDR, the free movement of residents between the 2 parts of the city. In the following year with German Reunification disappears the GDR, annexed actually in the FRG, which moved its capital from Bonn to Berlin in 1990, consequently giving the European Union (EU) to the populace of the republic vanished.

Given that 1991, Berlin has actually experienced a duration of development, comparable to that which followed the Franco-Prussian Battle (1870-1871), which finished with the proclamation of the German Realm. Then the financial boom led to a wave of urban expansion driven in a procedure recognized as Gründerzeit (the period of the owners) that was developed in the center of the industrialization of the city at the time of supposed millionaires building contractors who constructed housing blocks of 5 floors in the city. Networks broadened roads and also major buildings were constructed necessary for the government.

FC Bayern München - Copy The Penalty Challenge

In both situations, the quick development in building was accompanied by substantial realty supposition. Nevertheless, unlike Gründerjahre, the recent growth is characterized by depopulation in city facility. Along with its previous industry it is only a minor part, and also Berlin remains in the procedure of becoming a facility of the service industry.

The 5: 2 victory against Union Berlin was a first step on the way to compensation for FC Bayern Munich after the historic Cup lamination in Gladbach. However, the record pavement against the foals still echo. A player who has had to be really criticized is the center-back Dayot Upamecano.

From a bad Munich team, Upamecano ragged in the 0-5 defeat in the cup against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Cup against Borussia Mönchengladbach. The 42-million man was completely beside himself, made of almost every opponent dreamer and did not just score the grade 6.0 from Upamecano.

For ex international Dietmar Hamann, this is not reason enough to question the quality of the French. However, he looks a head problem during the new addition. He s just too many mistakes. The boy is a machine that is fast, it s head-strong, it s all. But he has to get these mistakes out of the game, Hamann criticized at Sky90 the performances UPAMECANOS.

When asked why the defender does too many mistakes in his eyes, Hamann replied: Often this is too easy for him, because he knows if a counterpart runs away, he is fast enough to catch up with him. This setting of the center-back had already taken care of in the French national team last for a goal, criticized the Sky expert.

FC Bayern with Slee and Hernández more stable?

These are things that do not have to be. At some point, he has to learn his lesson, the ex-national player demanded improvement from the Neu-Münchner, who got a donation break against Union Berlin after his horror idea in Gladbach in the game against Union Berlin and until 69. Minute sitting on the bench.

Hamann believes that it could not remain the last donation for UPAMECANO, because: At the moment you have to say quite honestly – as good as UPAMECANO is too – are the Bayern with Slee and Hernández more stable than with him.

Already in the morning, for example, the Champions League final, supplemented the ex-national player, I would say that Slee and Hernández would be the center-defender couple that gives me the best chance to win the game.