Sun crest the SHMUP of Platinum is delayed until 2022

Hideki Kamiya, founder of Platinumgames, has announced the delay of Sun Cresta for 2022. The announcement has been issued through a live broadcast of one hour under the name of « Sun Crest: Hideki Kamiya s Very Sorry Stream », the video you have about this paragraph that also shows new images of the game where the opening of the Shoot em-up and the new« Caravan Mode », a way that will challenge us to achieve The highest possible score in a period of five minutes.

Although they have not yet set a launch date, Kamiya himself, director of the title, has declared that he expects to reveal the new release date at the beginning of the year. Its departure date before was scheduled for December 9, but from Platinum they have explained that the game still needs to add more content and a greater polishing.

Sol Cresta - DLC Dramatic story directed by Hideki Kamiya Shmup December 9th for Steam, Switch & PS4

The title was announced during the April s Fools Day of last year and it was not until the same day by 2021 when they decided to give news about their development, which, obviously, did that (almost) we all thought it was a joke. It was on August 5 when they presented their gameplay for the first time and they took us all about doubts, to revive the saga of Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta 36 years after the last delivery and close the series with Kamiya as creative director.

Sun Crest, the Goty next year, will come out at some point of 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.