The Nintendo Switch already exceeds 92 million units

Nintendo has revealed its financial results related to the last quarter of the fiscal year underway. To begin, this time it has been revealed that ELSWITCH has exceeded 92.87 million units sold globally. This is an increase of 3.83 million consoles during this period of three months.

Nintendo Switch HITS 93 MILLION Units Sold Proving EXACTLY What I've Been Saying...
On this occasion it has been mentioned that in just six months, more than 8.3 million consoles have been sold around the world. Nintendo reported sales of $ 6.73 billion. In comparison, in the same period of time last year income of $ 5.46 billion was reported. Total collections were $ 1,860 billion, compared to $ 1,500 billion last year.

However, not all are good news, since the estimated consoles sold by Nintendo Switch for the fiscal year has been reduced from 25.5 million, only 24 million for March 31, 2022. Although it has been mentioned that the OLED model has promoted the sales of the console, this is something that will be reflected until the reports from the end of the year go to light.

On related topics, a hacker will have to pay $ 4.5 million dollars to Nintendo. In the same way, the closure of the offices in California and Toronto has been confirmed.

Editor s note:

Despite the pandemic, Nintendo continues to report good numbers. However, the decision to reduce the production of consoles already begins to have an impact on the company. With four years in the market, the switch is positioned, not only to be one of the best-selling hardware parts of the Great N, but one of the most popular in general.