Action Square Wemade and Hands

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[A News 24 Park Yi Jing Jing Jeong] Blade Developer Action Square (Representative Kim Yeon-joon) and WMAD (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) have signed a work agreement (MOU) for strengthening the game platform business, did.

The WMADID is a wide range of metabus businesses, including action Square and this MOU, and investing in the MOU, and the game that is held by Action Square, is onboard (inboard) on the WEMIX) It is a plan to build a partner relationship.

Both companies are planning to strengthen game development and multi-platform businesses, P2E (Play to Earn). Here we use Action Square s development force to build cooperation relationships to metabus business.

Action Square attracts investment of P2E (Don Burr game: Play to Earn). This is expected to enter the P2E block chain, the metaverse business. Investment has participated in Wemade, Netmarble, Wagi Em Games, One Store and Dies Asset Management, and Infinhatang Partners (SKT-Infinum Game Fund), respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively, I invested.

Action Square is a game developer who created the Blade for Kakao that received the Korean game target for the first time in Mobile Games. Since then, Three Kingdoms Blaide, Blade 2 for Kakao was released. Currently, PC / Console shooting action game Anvil (ANVIL) and King of King: King of King, and the Global News as a multi-platform.

The WMADID is a blocking game, including Mir 4 Global, on a platform. By the end of next year, we are aiming for 100 games to launch a wicker on a currency.

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Lee, Hyun-kyo, Jang Hyun, said, We plan to expand and continue investment in games and developers who use Wi-Ms as a currency. said.

Through attracting this investment, Action Square promotes a full-fledged P2E and meta bus business, he said.