NBA News Philadelphia 76ers Punish Ben Simmons again for missing cooperation

The Philadelphia 76ers have begun to prove the alternate Star Ben Simmons with fines. The reason for this is the lack of cooperation with the team hearts.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Simmons is now again occupied for each missed game with a fine of $360,000, exactly the sum that Simmons would get for each completed lot. The Australian had recently called mental problems for his absence of the team, but refused to assume help from the team s physicians.

Ben Simmons fined $360K for missing the 76ers' game vs. the Pistons | SportsCenter
The Mixers will now punish the All-Star until Simmons with the doctors has developed a plan for his mental problems. Alternatively, the Mixers offer work with an external specialist, which would be selected by the franchise.

For Simmons, it s not the first fines this season, Philadelphia paid no money to the Australian in Preseason, because it does not appear to prepare for the new game. Shortly before the start of the season, Simmons then returned to Philadelphia, but was then thrown out of the training by Coach Doc Rivers because the Guard refused to execute an exercise.

Shortly thereafter, Simmons should have communicated to the team that he mentally is not ready to work in training sessions or play. Since then, it should prevail between the Mixers and Simmons wireless stay. The Australian has been denying individual workouts since then, the Mixers want to continue to punish the 24-year-olds until it participates in at least at strength training or video studies.

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Despite all the chaos around Simmons, the Mixers are dazzling for the moment. The last year s Top Seed of the Eastern Conference greets after nine games again from the top, with a balance of 7-2 the Rivers team with half a game lead in front of Chicago and Miami at the one.