New fine catalog From 9 November it will be expensive

Actually, the new catalog of fines should be implemented in April 2020th But the first version of the amendment had to be withdrawn on a technicality. On October 8, the Federal Council has now agreed to the modified rules, from 9 November officially valid. For misconduct in traffic, it then sets higher fines — and collecting easier points. As for driving restrictions, it does not come, however, as hard as it feared many drivers and motorcyclists: to have from 21 or 26 km / h speeding for a month on the driving license without, that s off the table.

The major changes include:

speeding offenses go to the money

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Who speed limits violated, must expect higher fines. A few examples: City consumption up to 10 km / h driving too fast, now costs 30 instead of 15 euros. From 21 km / h over it, the fines increased to 115 euros and there is a point on Flensburg account. The highest punishment threatens speeders who exceed the allowed limit h in built local trips around 70 km /: Three months driving ban, two Flensburg points and 800 euro fine. Tempo sins highway similarly punished, only the fines fall not quite as high.

illegal parking is not a trivial offense

Yes — there are venial sins Park. But others, for example, endanger pedestrians and cyclists. For these cases, the new Bußgeldkatalog calls for stricter sanctions to Flensburg-rich points.

Who parked illegally banned on footpaths and cycle paths, illegally holding on protective strip or parked in the second row, holding, must be expected up to 110 euro fine. The unauthorized use of your disabled car park costs now 55 instead of, as previously, 35 euros. The same applies to the unauthorized use of a parking lot, the car-sharing vehicles for electric or provided. And to park the car to clear points as a sharp curve, (previously 15 euros) is 35 euros.

For serious infringements, there is also a point. Always so, if hindered by the prohibiting illegal parking or stopping in the second row and on bicycle protective strip or parking on footpaths and cycle paths other road users or be at risk, a property damage has occurred or the vehicle on the walking or cycling path longer than one hour parks, as the automobile Association motorist protection declared (KS).

emergency lane: Zero Tolerance

How important is the emergency lane to allow police, fire and rescue services a speedy getting through to the accident site — that should have by now gotten around. And yet there are still car or motorcycle drivers who fail to form such a rescue lane or, worse, they unabashedly traveled themselves. Both now proposes with 200 to 320 euro fine, a one-month driving ban and two Flensburg points to book.

More protection for cyclists and pedestrians

That must be observed when overtaking cyclists a sufficient margin, the Road Traffic Regulations (STO) has already been prescribed. Now she puts it precisely: City consumption must be 1.5 meters gone on distance, highway 2 meters.

Also, the protection of cyclists — but also of pedestrians — is required by a new scheme, the trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons, they provide only walking speed intro local right-hand turn. Infringements are subject and Flensburg-point with 70 euros.

The so-called Mooring -Accident should be better avoided in the future: who thoughtlessly the car door opens and so an approaching cyclist at risk, pays 40 (previously 20) euros. And turning without shoulder check and Radler-hazard can come to 140 euros in connection with a one-month driving ban.

On the other hand cyclists with higher penalties must expect if they do not behave according to the rules: The unauthorized use of sidewalks, bike paths on the left side and side strips by vehicles — including bicycles include — cost up to 100 euros.

New rules for cargo bikes

Cargo bikes must also accept young people and adults as passengers in the future, yet this role was up to the age of seven years granted only children. In addition, cargo bikes get its own symbol — for example, for signs featuring special cargo bike parking.

Car Posing costs three digits

What Car Posing is the Federal Ministry of Transport explained this way: The cause of unnecessary noise and exhaust avoidable harassment and the useless back and forth. Such bravado is occupied with now 100 instead of, as previously, 20 euros.