NBA News Alex Caruso reveals Los Angeles Lakers did not want to participate in Chicago Bulls offer

Alex Caruso joined the Chicago Bulls in the Off season. The playmaker also received an offer from the Lakers in the summer, but refused this for financial reasons.

I did not really know what would expect me in the Free Agency, until 6 pm I still heard of a team. Then the Lakers called me and made me an offer, the 27-year-old betrayed in the the Old Man and the Three -Podcast. However, I could not accept it, since I was able to earn much more money with other teams.

The former crowd pleaser of the Lakers negotiated with several teams, while the so-called Midlevel exception was in the room, which would have been 40 million over four years in the case of Caruso. The original offer of Lakers should only have been a two-year contract under $15 million.

Alex Caruso On What Exactly Happened In Free Agency That Led Him To Leave The Lakers For The Bulls

The Chicago Bulls also showed interest, but first took Alonzo balls under contract. I was not sure if she would make the financially seen. At the moment, when ZO had signed at Chicago, I thought the bulls would be off the table, says Caruso.

To the surprise Caruso s, Bulls General Manager Arturo Karnishovas and Head Coach Billy Donovan reported him by calling him and described their plans for the Point Guard. They hit the nail on their heads, what I can bring and what role I could play, as I can help the team, Caruso said.

But before the playmaker finally decided for the Windy City, he asked the Lakers whether they would go to the offer, since he would rather stay with the team with which he became 2020 master. They said no, said Caruso — thus stood the decision of the 27-year-old. He signed a four-year contract for the Bulls over 37 million US dollars.

The bulls have set a strong start of the season, also Caruso has 7.8 points per game, as well as his defensive qualities. Lakers-GM Rob Belinda had emphasized in the off season, the team would have aggressive tried to keep Caruso, but at that time there were rumors that the Guard did not really make a competitive offer.

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