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There is nothing quite like Serpent for the PSV. It is a fluid action game in the first person in which the player uses a variety of swords and rifles to slaughter his enemies. Most often, you will have the impression of being part of the matrix, slow down the time, run along the walls and raining the hell of successive waves of wicked. The game is not perfect, and you will need to go through a difficult learning phase with movement and orders, but Mixed Realms and Swag Soft have managed to scrape the itching of VR action game fans.

From the campaign, we are introduced into the world of Chief Hasura. She is an agent of the Sacramento organization, a group dedicated to safety and security in Japan. With the help of Broke, his manager, Chief navigates the campaign, trying to understand what s going on within the group. One of my main complaints with the game is history, however. Thanks to atrocious voices, I found it difficult to invest in what was happening. You will not find any kinematics here, but only a dialogue, which means that you are obliged to listen to a lot after phrase misinterpreted to end the plot. Once the missions started, the gameplay is effective and largely compensates for what is missing from writing.

Without a doubt, Serpent has a difficult learning curve. This is not the fault of the game, but many PS Move controllers difficult to manage. The absence of joysticks requires developers to be creative in their control systems. Serpent is no different, but make it evolve and control it is extremely rewarding. Instead of teleporting as you see in most virtual reality games, you will run your marker here to where you want to move and jump to this position. From the beginning, you will unlock the essential capacity of the triple jump, which greatly facilitates navigation. Jump from one level to another is a pleasure and once you start integrating the turns into flight, the ball time and the passages to the wall, the experiment becomes as if nothing was played on PSV. As mentioned earlier, if you have always wanted to feel like Neo de Matrix, it s about as close as it shows now.

You have four arms locations on Chief. Two hips on the hips are for smaller firearms and both shoulders can wear either a large barrel or a rifle or a blade. I found that there was a huge difference in the quality of barrel shot compared to Swordplay. Weapons feel really fantastic. Reaching your hand up your hip and release a handgun is as satisfying you can arm. Walking room in room, spacing gun, erase enemies on the way, gave me more the impression of being a star of the action I have never played. The same goes for any firearm. The rifles, rifles and machine guns are all fantastic and work exactly as one would expect. The Swordplay, however, did not seem so nice. There are no weight behind the blows of a sword, then the attacks give the impression of slipping enemies. I also noticed that most often, while I headed for an enemy, they moved into my landing zone and stopped essentially inside my opponent. You can not attack what you can not see, and I found myself constantly obliged to readjust me to launch a suitable blade attack. Swords can be used to deflect balls, making it an effective way to fill the gaps with enemies.

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To improve your weapons, you will recover from relics along the way. The relics are modifiers that have a scarcity and a variable effect. The current relics, for example, can give you an increased deviation zone, while a legendary relic can give you an increase of 86% of the damage. Collection of new relics and the construction of new weapon combinations are an important part of the draw, and it is easy to fall into this mentality of more than one race in search of legendary. Fortunately, once the campaign is over, Sacramento offers an unlimited reserve of missions and challenges. These are decomposed into elements such as Wave Assault and Survival. In addition to this, daily rewards and other benefits are given to the player to encourage them to return often. The game does a fantastic job to make you feel as if you have always progressed. You can see your character become stronger and faster at each session, and it s very fun to come back.

On the technical side, Serpent sometimes weakens. The environments themselves are beautiful by far, but once you approach things, you realize that many assets seem to come directly from a game of the time PlayStation 1. It does not interfere with the fighting, but overnight The overall exploration of the game. Not only that, but these levels feel almost as if a child glued them together. I often crossed the walls or soil, making me float in space until I resume the level. It was incredibly frustrating to play through a level, only to have to start again because I went through a wall trying to dodge an attack.

Screen is a game that most PSV owners should try. It looks like the kind of exact title we were expecting. No other game on the system really feels like that. The ball time, slips, triple jump and rifle shot combine to give the player a feeling of precipitation without the same. The Swordplay left a lot to be desired, but everything else compensated it. If you can fight during the first hours difficult with orders and managing the fragility of the world, you will spend a great time.