6 videogames that had nightmare premieres for server problems

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When the video game was born as a form of entertainment he did it unconcerned; As an isolated experience that depended on 100% of the device that was plugged into the TV. Today, thanks to the Internet, things are different, although games that have no relationship with the network of networks persist, you also have to require an Internet connection to be enjoyed. And we do not talk exclusively of online games as they can be the most recent Battlefield 2042 or Cod Vanguard. In fact, describing it already seems unnecessary, but the truth is that with this category they also arrived problems that beyond how routine it is to play online, continue without having a solution.

When Games Turn Into Movie Scenes #6

One of the problems of online games is your preservation. They are experiences that only live online, an ethereal space that is not always active and, at the time they unplug the server disappear, some prematurely, no matter how much you have the installation disk at home. But outside this matter of rather anthropological nature, there is an immediate topic and that it can become equal or more annoying: Connectivity. Enter an online game and that, for the reason it is, the technical ecosystem is unstable; that response times are inadequate; that you be expelled from the halls; Or, worse yet, it is not even possible to access.

They pass and spend the years, pass and pass the test periods and despite everything, this type of setback survives, destroying in just a few days the anticipation generated around a game, sometimes irreparable. With it in mind, we decided to make a brief count of 6 online games that had nightmare premieres.