The Game Awards 2021 Will Certainly Have 40

This year s Game Awards event will not only celebrate 2021 s games, however it will certainly act as an information occasion where games will certainly be introduced and flaunted. Coordinator Geoff Kafka claims in a new meeting published on the Epic Games website that 40-50 games will show up at the event in some means or an additional. The number of brand-new game news, at the same time, will certainly be in the dual numbers.

Kafka gave no indicator or tease concerning the certain games to be shown, but he said a lot of them will be titles launching in 2022 and also 2023. He added that several of the games that will certainly appear at The Game Awards will provide a better consider what the PS5 as well as Xbox Series X’S consoles can.

I still seem like we ve just kind of touched the surface of what s possible on the PS5 and also Xbox Series X, so I believe you ll see some stuff in the show that is genuinely quite spectacular, he stated. We ll see footage of games that will certainly remind individuals that the ideal of this industry is still to find.

Kafka teased that The Game Awards might ultimately evolve to more accept the met averse, whereby individuals can enjoy the program within games like Fortnite as well as Core. Kafka thought that by 2026, even more people will be watching a show like The Game Awards from inside a digital globe rather than consuming it through traditional ways with a basic video feed.

While Kafka likes the met averse, The Game Awards will refrain from doing anything with NFTs. We re refraining from doing any kind of NFT things, he said.

The Game Awards 2021 NEW DETAILS - 2022/2023 Games + More
The 2021 Game Awards happen on Thursday, December 9, live from Los Angeles. Keep inspecting back with GameS pot for a lot more.