Myth of Empires PC version Early Access started on November 18

Myth: The Fallen Lords is the initial installation of the Myth saga. He went on sale in November 1997. This game, in spite of not being so well known, introduced in lots of manner ins which individuals were not used to seeing in a strategy video clip game. Below the cam is totally three-dimensional, which offers a much more vibrant touch to the game. On top of that, it was not feasible to develop structures to impose armies, as it is constant, but with minimal devices, the goal handed over (although reinforcements were often gotten throughout the fight or getting to a specific place).

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Today, ANGELA GAME announced the latest open world war online game Myth of Empires Early Access to start on November 18th.

In this vast open world online game, you can explore and conquer the magnificent world inspired by the history of ancient Asian continents, and you can freely switch EVE, or PVP to your taste and enjoy adventure.

China, Suzhou, November 12, 202 -The ANGELA GAME starts the latest Open World War online game Myth of Empires Early Access to November 18 I announced that. At a magnificent game world drawn with state-of-the-art graphic technology such as Ray Tracing and DSS, the player will aim for unification of alliance diplomacy and war, and aim to unify the beautiful ancient Asian world in Photoreal. The player can move freely between a EVE server or a PVP server called county. All these servers are connected to the main server, so players around the world can cooperate and cause World War.

Myth of Empires is an online war game that is inspired by Asian ancient history and is the stage of ancient too continent. In this world formulated by craftsmen, geography, topographic features, animals and plants are accurately reproduced, and players travel to innovative adventures on this continent with rich cultural background. Because the reality is a core element of this work, no magic fantasy element is included. Instead, the game provides a building, a craft system with a sense of immersive, and a deep character development system.

These systems play an extremely important role in achieving the final goal of World Unification. At Myth of Empires, the player aims to unify the ancient Asian world by organizing guilds and allies and conquering or union of other countries. Thanks to the seamless collaboration between the EVE server and the PVP server, the player can enjoy the game with anyone you like.

Main elements that can be experienced with Early access :
· Bandit, wildlife, aggressive players challenge the harsh world. Win meat and hunger and hunger, collect the world s resources and make a fort.
· New environment: snowy mountain, desert, swamp, cave, and new weather system.
· We make full use of tactics and fierce with enemies. Maximize effects and damage by controlling the direction of the attack.
· Produce many types of weapons and armors to strengthen combat power with higher rank equipment. A variety of weapons such as swords, wolf, Harvard, ax, throwing weapons, crossbow, bow, shield can be manufactured!
· New animal: elephant, cocoon, crocodile, butter fish, fish etc.
· Take time to build only one strongest fortress. Manufacture siege weapons such as various, catapults, Trey sets and seas ladders, and strike against enemy fortresses.
· Let s use NPC peacefully or obey with armed force. Let s leave the collection of resources, production of items, and hunting. Both can go out to the battlefield. Run the battlefield and train the horse and get the best attribute.
· EVE and PVP server are available in Asia, North America, Europe.
· In a fulfilling guild system, make a faction with a friend. Work with the attack of the enemy and become the host of the server!
· New gameplay and content: County, state, fortress attacks, voice chat improvements, new and new character voices, etc. are added.

Myth of Empires starts early access from November 18th world. Games can be purchased from Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1371580 /Myth of empires/

Closed beta testing introduction trailer: https://youtu.be/Y7MrgHltSso Myth of Empires Discord server: https://discord.gg/SU9rR7pKEU Myth of Empires official Twitter: https://twitter.com/MythOfEmpires Myth of Empires official Instagram : HTTPS://www.instagram.com/mythofempires/ myth of Empires Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gaming/mythofempires

Myth of Empires is a game developed by Angela Game s T inking Studio.

T inking About Studio

In T inking Studio, one of the major development teams in ANGELA GAME, 50 people or more veteran members have been active, and major development members have over 10 years, PC, game We have developed various games for machines, VR, and mobile devices.


Angela Game is a game development company located in Suzhou, China. A passionate and ambitious human resources found in 2019, this studio aims to develop the best game for hardcore gamers seeking creative ideas and attractive game plays.

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MYTH OF EMPIRES - Open-World Multiplayer Fortress City Building & Castle Siege Warfare
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1371580/myth of empires/

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◆ Game outline
Title: Myth of Empires
Genre: Open World War Online Game
Status: 2021/11/18 Release
Platform: steam