Best PS4 superheroes

What are the the best PS4 superhero games ? Certainly anyone who gives them an amazing external power like flight, laser view or perhaps the ability to shoot sticky mesh liquid from their hands! Whatever your preferred kind is to save the world, the good news is that you never leave to be desired when it comes to wearing tight elastane on PS4. The last generation platform of Sony may have been hosted from the first day for such amazing flights of the in-game fantasy, but still outstanding superhero games are published on PS4. We will treat these in the following list.

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Best PS4 superhero games

Below is our list of the best PS4 superhero games. These are our favorite superhero games on PS4 selected by our editorial team. Please note that this is a developing list that is growing and changing over time.

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4)

The recent entry on this list has proven that it is more than possible to create a story-based single player experience, which still highlights the unique strengths of a colorful combined super teams when focusing on exciting blockbuster offset pieces and interesting team-based mechanics. Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy is a much better superhero simulator than the treatment that preserved the most powerful heroes of the earth in the year before, as it is a breeze to use the forces of each individual to control the consequences of the fight as a Star Lord — And the interaction with members such as Draw and Zamora outside Scharmüfeln consolidates the family dynamics of the group. It is also one of the most beautiful superhero games on PS4, which transports you from Planet to Planet, each with its own atmosphere and his own tone.

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Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)

That a game can look like this after six years as well as Batman: Arkham Knight is already borderline in itself, but enough of the water drops on the cape of Dark Knights. Batman: Arkham Knight remains the ultimate fearful superhero experience, as the close, counter-based struggle is still just as satisfying and the exploration of this rainy version of Gotham still causes goose bumps. The main detective story may have been difficult to keep up with the heights of the predecessors of the Arkham trilogy, but it is more than compassioned by co-missions concentrating on Two-Face, Mad Hatter and Man-Bat. Apart from the tank sections, Arkham Knight makes it a giant fun to be Batman.

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Lego Marvel Superhero (PS4)

Before the X-Men could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lego Marvel was there superheroes to overcome borders and blend heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wolverine. Okay, you could do this as a small LEGO minifigures, but TT Games was evident in creating such a colorful and entertaining version of New York, with whom one could interact, it did not matter. This is the ultimate Marvel superhero fantasy on PS4, which is brought to life. You can fight through an original comic-inspired history while playing as all your favorite heroes, unlock obscure characters and discover Easter Eggs on the way.

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Infamous: Second Son (PS4)

The flash-powered Cole McGrath may have sacrificed his life (canonically) to save his life to save the world at the end of Infamous 2, but this early PS4 exclusive piece proved that his legacy went very farther. Del sin Rowe likes to be something and disciplined in comparison, but his ability to absorb the forces of other channels made him a fun superhero sandbox. Whether it s about to blow up buildings with a neon-run in the air or evaluate evil guys by transforming themselves temporarily into smoke, Infamous: Second Son has made it a pleasure to explore this detailed version of Seattle — and this Looks great today on PS4.

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Marvels Spider-Man (PS4)

PlayStation s veterans were already of talent from Insomniac deliberately to create charming characters and entertaining fights, but the skills of the studio reached a whole new audience, Man Spider-appeared as Marvel s 2018 PS4 Simple has never felt a smile on you to conjure face, when you dive into the fight and use all kinds of Web-based forces to carry the clubs to keep as well as every time at bay. Combine this with an absolutely perfect rendition of Peter Parker, Marvel and Spider-Man tells a surprisingly emotional superhero story that s as good a starting point as the players can hope.

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injustice 2 (PS4)

With a greater emphasis on character customization and an even greater selection of legendary DC superhero is Injustice 2 as Batman Black Adam beaten the fighting game of choice for those who want to see. It received a larger, better superhero spin on the combo-driven format of Ethereal where you get all kinds of comic accurate finishers, while new loot drops, to improve the basic statistics of your roster. The Injustice franchise is the rare example of a fighter who just cares about the story as to great animations, and this sequel expands the scope even further, without the Bernat the brutal, but tough DC superhero Beat Downs compromising.

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Saints Row IV: Reelected (PS4)

The Saint s Row series was even more ridiculous over time. Fortunately, this meant that we had to move us until the arrival of the fourth entry entirely on superhero territory, with you as a president who was abducted by aliens and transported into a digital version of Steel Port with a variety of superpowers that are available to you, So it s very much Grand Theft Auto in the form of X-Men, if you run fast and jump from target to target and looking for a way to break out of the simulation by using Elemental explosions and telekinesis. Can Saint s Row IV buckle under the weight of its own ambition? Yes, but it s still a wild ride on PS4.

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South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4)

They know that a genre has become immensely popular as a game with the intention comes to parody it. That is what happened when South Park: The Fractured But Whole was released in 2017 on PS4. In this super strong sequel, you play again in the role of the new child, which focuses on the exploits of Cartman and the gang, which with their costumed alter egos take in an effort to secure a Netflix deal. The concept is silly by nature, just like the show, but the stark Humor can be distinguished thanks to the improved turn-based combat game from The Fractured But Whole, the wonderful plays and the superhero idea attacking almost error-free.

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The Wonderful 101 Remastered (PS4)

One of the most eccentric superhero games on PS4 comes from the team behind Bayonet ta, Near: Automata and Vanquish. However, it is just like Platinum Games not to comply with the norm, and the same feeling is found in the colorful team-based gameplay of The Wonderful 101 Remastered. You play primarily Wonder Red, needs to alien invaders to defeat the leader of the group, who take advantage of the efforts of his Michelsen on continuously creative way. It is an adventure in Power Rangers style that has become a bit of a cult in recent years. All the more so since this superhero game has finally been ported to PS4.

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Marvel s Iron Man VR (PS4)

You know the in each MCU film in which it cuts in Robert Downey Jr. s face in the armor to pay him the big bucks? Marvel s Iron Man VR is a unique type of first-person superhero simulator that puts you in exactly this helmet and prompts you to float, to defeat to slip and to make your way through the sky to the villain Ghost. This is a PSV game that understands the strengths of the PS Move controller expertly and function of the mounted on the palm repulses of Iron Man imitates so that you can move your hands as a flight method and shoot enemies. It s the first superhero experience on PSV.

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Infamous: First light (PS4)

As for standalone extensions, Infamous was: First Light a good reason to rethink Sucker Punch s version of Seattle again. Not only because they can play as an outstanding character and can continue to master their neon forces, but also because their origin forms a more focused adventure, which is in a beautiful pace in front of it and offers additional context to the events of the main history. New Arena challenges in which they compete against hordes of enemy holograms also proved to be addictive, another excuse to hunt high scores and continue to add the best power set of Infamous: SECOND SON.

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Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4)

Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which was released together with the raised version of Peter Parker s story on PS5, but also available on PS4 (DUH), made exploring a snowy New York City unique and entertaining. A dispute with Miles electricity-based poison forces was also a welcome change in beating badges, all as part of a fulfilling, bite-friendly adventure that put them in the location of a new spider-mans, who still the basics. Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales should stop us until the full-fledged Marvel s Spider-Man 2 has arrived.

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