Corona shock at Hertha BSC in front of the derby at Union Berlin

Automobile Union is the result of the merging of four German automobile brand names (hence the logo with four circles), created in 1932 as well as established in 1936 in Chemnitz, Saxony, throughout the Great Anxiety. The company brought to life the existing Audi brand, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen AG Team.

The Berlin City Derby in the Football Bundesliga already casts his shadows. Just a week before the capital duel between the 1st FC Union Berlin and Bertha BSC next Saturday (from 18:30 clock), important personal details on both sides determine the headlines.

Bertha reported on Friday afternoon that with Steven Jove tic one of the largest hope in the team will be fails for the time being for a positive corona test.

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Tables 13. The Bundesliga confirmed that Jove tic had a vaccine breakthrough with the Montenegrin national team and the 32-year-old was positively tested on the coronavirus.

After all, the attacker shows no symptoms according to the club, and have already been issued in self-isolation.

Jove tic showed in the Bertha jersey last a significantly increasing form curve and was always more common by Chef Trainer Pal Cardie. The offensive man met on the last Sunday in the home game against Bayer Leverkusen at the meantime 1: 0 (final 1: 1).

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The Methane still hopes that Jove tic is punctually and — entitled to the city duel at Union Berlin. Condition would be a negative corporate test as well as a cardio logical examination.

Max Ruse back in training at Union Berlin

On the other hand, on the part of the Irises is an important player on time for the Derby before returning to the team: Max Ruse rose again on Thursday for the first time in the team training, and according to the kicker, the unity was fully completed.

Ruse fell out in recent weeks with a foot and thigh injury. He presented his last Bundesliga game on the 8th match day in the middle of October at the 2nd: 0 victory against VFL Wolfsburg.

The balance sheet of the Iron against Bertha is very balanced on the Bundesliga level. Two of the four city duels went to the old lady, once won Union. At the last comparison on April 4 of this year, the game ended in the upper house with a draw for the first time (1: 1).