Destiny 2 celebrates a week of transgender consciousness a special emblem

Bungee announced an unusual event in Destiny 2. Unusual, because this will not be an event itself, but only a form of supporting. What is going on?

Everyone in Bungee, both transgender people and their allies, support the community of transgender and non-normative people. We connect to the appeal to eliminate violence and discrimination against its members. Stars shine brighter thanks to your courage, unwavering and striving for truth.

In connection with the overcoming week of transgender awareness (13-19 November), devoted to the community of transgender and non-normative sexually, Bungee presents a new emblem, or true.

The Importance of Trans Visibility

As on November 20, after a week of transgender awareness, the memorial memory of transfers occurs, commemorating the victims of transphobic hatred and violence, the company wants to pay attention to the difficulties with which this community must face. Bungee encourages you to join them on this day, bringing a new emblem. Unlock it on the page to use codes using the code: ML3-FD4-ND9.

Throughout November All income from the sale of the Bungie (Bungee s Pride Pin) will be transferred to Translifeline organizations to help them provide support for transgender people in crisis situations through full respect, anonymous and confidential conversation and other measures.