Achieved 4 million prior registrants Grandsa jacks Shibuya Ikebukuro Akihabara In commemoration of 4 million prior registrants additional distribution of limited artifacts is decided A large ad with Gran Saga which app

Pixel Co., Ltd. has notified an achievement of 4 million pre-registrants for smartphone app games Gran Saga.

Pixel Co., Ltd. announces a total of 4 million pre-registrants for smartphone app games Gran Saga (Operation: Gameplay Co., Ltd.). With the achievement of the pre-registrant number targets, we also decided to add limited artifacts.

In addition, we started a large-scale outdoor advertisement posting from November 15th to Our and Kane Knob Aka. You can see Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, and the main station in Tokyo.

In addition to advertising, Gran-Saga × Rad wimps] Kafka collaboration music video using the new song Kafka written by Radius will be released from 19:00 today.

Outdoor advertisement for Gran Saga, Gran Saga), Gran Saga, Gran Saga, Gran Saga
We will post Gran Saga s advertisement from today, mainly, such as Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, and today.

Mr. Yogurt and Kane Nob ACH, including Kongo Nob Aka, who appeared in TCM, is a content that can be enjoyed, such as a dance and a rich video of the Gran Saga characters.


▼ Our Gun × Kane Kabuki × Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA)

▼ Luxurious voice actor cheering message


▼ Grand Saga Character Set × Luxurious Voice Actor Sign

▼ Grand Saga Character × Luxury Voice Actor Comment


▼ Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA) Playable Character × Key Visual

▼ Escalator seat Curiae × Coos

※ Please refrain from inquiries for station staff and stations and advertising administrators for this advertisement.

※ The station yard is shared space. Please be careful not to be a nuisance of other customers when shooting and watching.

※ Please be careful about your own safety.

Grand Saga 4 million prior registration! Limited artifacts to commemorate the achievement!

The number of pre-registrants in Gran Saga tops 4 million people, which is the last goal. As a result, the production was decided by the production of the number of pre-registrants, which has been decided. We will publish the design with the distribution decision of limited artifacts.

In addition, since the presence of pre-registration is started until the start of the official service, please wait for the release of Gran Saga, after registration.

Pre-registration details

reception period
August 19 (Thu) to November 18 (Thu) Until the start of delivery

[Pre-registration details page]
https://gransaga.jp/ PrereGister

[Pre-registration fee: All presented]
Artifact SSR Seller s Feeling
100,000 gold

[Pre-registration reward: target achievement present]
Achieved 100,000 people: HP Immediate Recovery Potion 10 pieces CLEAR
Achieved 200,000 people: MP Immediate Recovery Potion 10 pieces CLEAR
Achieved 300,000 people: SR Artifact Summoner CLEAR
Achieved 400,000: SR Gran Weapon Summoner CLEAR
500,000 people achieved: diamond 500 pieces CLEAR
Achieved 1 million people: 1,000 diamonds ⇐ Clear
Achieved 2 million people: Special costume ⇐ Clear
3 million people achieved: 2,000 diamonds CLEAR
4 million people achieved: limited SSR artifacts ⇐ Clear

※ Remuneration will be sent to mailbox in the game after released.

[Gran Saga × Rad wimps] Kafka Collaboration Music Videos

Gran Saga official trailer using the new song KAFKA written by RADIUS, [Gran Saga × RADIUS] KAFKA collaboration music video will be released from 19:00 today.

It has become a collaboration video of MV and Gran Saga of Kafka, and has a high story with the game video. Please take a look.

Unit 3.5--Agency Contracts and Compensation
Gran Saga

Gran Saga is an original game work for smartphones drawn with the highest quality. Based on the RPG of the royal road, it is a game that is loved around the world, high quality 3D graphics by Unreal Engine 4, Yukon Pirogi, Full Voice Story by Sakai Overlooking Voice Actor, in the game BGM, Shimmer Yoko, Illustration and Logo Design for All Music Production, Team Amino, Gran Saga s theme song Kafka is handed by RADIUS completely.

In addition, the original animation by Nakamura Doha and the official Ambassador of Gran Saga will be delivered with the highest story of the story that focused on Friends by Mr. Touch Nob Aka and Mr. Kongo Nob Aka and Mr. Kane Nob Akira at the official Ambassador of Grand Saga. It is. In addition, we are planning to develop on multi-platforms in the future.

Game information

Title: Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA) Genre: Development of RPG with Soul: Pixel Operation Co., Ltd.: Gameplay Platform: IOS / Android Delivery date: November 18, 2021, Price: Basic Free (Some Billing) https://gransaga.jp/ https://twitter.com/gransaga rpg https://www.youtube.com/channel/uct1sxdhfgdrg8dduwg5bghg

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