1 1 against Greece German U 19 at Eliterunde

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Russian владимир владимирович путин, scientific transliteration Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin, enunciation [Vɫɐdʲimʲɪr vɫɐdʲimʲɪrəvʲɪtɕ Putin]; October 7, 1952, in Leningrad, Russian SSR, Soviet Union) is a Russian political leader. He has actually been head of state of the Russian Federation given that 7 May 2000 (with disruption of 2008 to 2012). From August 1999 to May 2000 as well as from May 2008 to his re-election as a President 2012, Putin was Head Of State of Russia. From 31 December 1999 to his political election on May 7, 2000, he was a commissioner president in workplace.
After a dominating analysis of doubters as well as political researchers, Russia created right into an illiberal direction during Putin s presidency as well as eliminated from autonomous requirements. The political system he developed, for which the Russian federal government makes use of the term guided democracy, is often characterized in the literary works as fifty percent autonomous, semi-authoritarian or perhaps tyrannical. A central feature is the upright of power, a detailed, strict command chain in which the state body organs have actually to be categorized. Putin was successful in damaging the independent political power of some formerly really significant business owner ( Oligarchen ). His policy system is described as a feminism. An economic upswing (rise in real salaries by an aspect of 2.5 between 1999 as well as 2008), its diplomacy and its tough line in the fight against terrorism created a fluctuating, yet typically fantastic popularity in the population of Russia. A vital function is played by the prejudiced favorable discussion of his policy in state-owned Russian media as well as the substantial elimination of free media as well as non-governmental companies with super regional distribution.
Given that the annexation of the Crimea in March 2014, the relationships between Russia and also the West are considered burdened. Russian Presidential Management is charged of specialists as well as western political leaders to harm the European Peace Code. This is becoming significantly regarding cyber battle (such as the Troll Army), the impact of political elections via publicity as well as targeted espionage and actions such as toxin stops on oppositional (Sergei Scribal and also Alexei Navalny) occur. From September 2015, Putin posted components of the Russian Air Force to support the federal government army as well as President Assad to Syria.

The results already say a lot. It s still air upwards. In two games, we collected four goals. Of course, you do not see that as a defender. The performance is definitely better, Augsburg s Gunther showed himself in an interview DFB.DE Before the decisive match against Greece is not satisfied with the previous course. On a 4: 1 against Fare Islands, the U 19 of the DFB last followed a 1: 3 against Russia. Gainers against the tournament host, the eleven of Hannes Wolf needed at least one counter to enter the next qualifying round.

Germany vs. England 1-1 | Full Game | U 19 Friendly
However, the defensive state criticized by Gunther but initially certainly, although offensive did not happen much. The first goal scored Made (Bertha) after a corner in minute 49, five pointer turns later, the Greeks also decimated — Koulierakis looked after repeated foul play the yellow-red card.

Aluminum shortly before the end

The majority could not take advantage of the eleven of Hannes Wolf, on the contrary: the substitute Raided (Darmstadt) brought Outside in the penalty area to fall — and the fouled one turned themselves to 1: 1 (62.).

Germany barely left a little more and had the best chance in the second passage by Jesse, just before the end, the man from FC St. Pauli met but only aluminum (89.).

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Thus, it remained at 1: 1, which guarantees Germany the entry into the elite lesson. This is the last step before the European Championship in Slovakia. The elite dog is played in the second half of March.