Bloodhound per week ends with Early Access EM and temporarily closed servers

Battle Royale with vampires in the main roles, Blood hunt (and exactly Vampire: The Masquerade — Blood hunt), enjoys considerable popularity. Currently, this title lies in Early Access on Steam, and the creators indicate that this is the end of the sound — this version of the game will be temporarily closed. It was time to say goodbye to the Early Access version, which is why the game servers will be turned off on November 22, both on PC and PlayStation 5.

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What s next? It remains to wait for the premiere! This one was to take place this year, but the team from Harbor decided that their Blood hunt should still be poured. For this reason, only at the beginning of 2022, the game will return to Gloria and glory. Until then, however, it will be unavailable.

We can expect better performance, better protection against cheats, several helpful elements for new players, faster search for matches and more cosmetic objects. The premiere of Blood hunt also will also receive a statistics system, as well as a form of ranking competition.

At this point, in the game, you can not make any premium purchases, as well as on the servers there is a boost for XP, which will actively be active until the Blood hunt is turned off. So until November 22. Ah, the creators also added that all of your progress will be preserved and will move them to the premiere version of this Battle Royale. Have you played in him at all? How was it?