FC Bayern Cuisances claims prepares problems

Mickael Nuisance from FC Bayern was used in the current playing time by Chef Trainer Julian Nagelsmann. According to media reports, the midfielder has no future more in Munich, a sale in winter could nevertheless prove difficult.

Spieler, Trainer, Staff: Was sich bei Bayern alles ändert | SPORT1

For the German record champion Mickael Nuisance has been just ten times on the lawn since his change from Playback in the summer of 2019, five other missions for second representation are not added. The lending business to Olympic Marseille in the past season has not increased the chances of the French on assignments. Rather, the signs are on farewell, according to Sky this should be permanent in the opinion of the responsible persons.

The problem: The production master had equipped the 22-year-old in August 2019 with a working paper until 2024. According to the portal Vermoegensmagazin.DE, at least, Nuisance entails 2.8 million euros — a salary, according to FC Bayern Sky would like to save.

However, as the transmitter performs, the player does not want to make no smears at a potential new employer. The claims are high, so far no club has not yet reported to the dealers.

Rock leaves FC Bayern already in winter?

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In addition to Nuisance, FC Bayern also intends to get rid of another midfielder in winter: Marc Rock. The Spaniard came 2020 for nine million euros from Español Barcelona, ​​but as his teammate has been waiting for regular missions. Under Nagelsmann, the 24-year-old was not even used in the current season.

Sky brings in the case of Rock a change to Spain into the game. The midfield man is allegedly ready for a return home. FC Bayern would probably accept a transfer fee of five to six million euros, even a lending is a possibility.