D nde encontrar The Last Stand Aftermath Batteries

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You re wondering where to find batteries in The Last Stand: Consequences ? Our guide will tell you where to find the batteries, how to make them and what they are used in The Last Stand: Consequences.

What batteries are used in The Last Stand: Consequences?

The Last Stand: Consequences Batteries are probably the second most important element of the game (Antiviral being the most important element because it keeps you alive). The batteries are used for four things in the game:

  1. Opening containers antiviral
  2. Opening of deliveries of supplies

The Last Stand Aftermath - Zombie Apocalypse Scavenging Roguelite RPG
3. Opening boxes and boxes of weapons medical stations in HER
4. Activate radios (except after making updating knowledge Radio Jack )

While Antiviral is really important, you can not get Antiviral most of the time unless you have batteries on hand. You can always find a good use for them either to send supplies to home or simply replenish ammunition.

How to make batteries in The Last Stand: Consequences

Craft can The Last Stand: Batteries Consequences going to a workbench and using the following recipe development:

To the As with all other processing recipes, the recipe permanently unlocked as soon as the first created.

Note that the batteries can be used to manufacture bombs beeper; however, they are much most useful for its main purpose in the game and not really recommend using them for these devices; There are many destructive weapons that you can use to battle zombies.

Where to find The Last Stand: Consequences Piles

The can find Last Stand: Consequences Batteries in the following locations;

Loot zombies

Loot buildings
The blue boxes on the walls and telephone poles seem to have a higher probability of generating batteries.
Inside cars
The cars seem to have a higher probability of generating batteries.
Buying them from the merchant (at a cost of 20 skills)
develop them
Take a volunteer to have electronic devices in your default inventory and create them

Take note of the trader: I do not remember a time when the trader Now what nice have less battery sales. You should always make an effort to go through the dealer when he can.

What should I use my batteries in The Last Stand: Consequences ?

You must use your batteries in The Last Stand: Consequences on these elements (in priority order):

  1. Antiviral
  2. Caches supply
  3. Anything else

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