Changes to Halo infinite multiplayer are now available

While the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, which arrived free-to-play to Xbox and PC consoles a few days ago, has not stopped receiving praises from fans, complaints related to The seasonal pass have not stopped either. In this way, 343 Industries has revealed that a couple of changes have already been implemented.

Through the official account of him on Twitter of him, John Junyszek, manager of the Halo community, revealed a series of changes that have already been implemented in this multiplayer. One of the greatest complaints of this section, is that to progress in the seasonal pass it is necessary to perform a series of daily and weekly challenges, and the experience is not granted by simply playing.

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In this way, one of the first changes that have been implemented are The Play 1 Game rewards, which will grant experience for the season pass, with just playing a normal game. Similarly, some weekly and daily challenges were removed or adjusted to make this process so tedious. Finally, the increases of temporary experience have gone from being only 30 minutes, at an hour.

Along with this, all players who initiate session between November 23 and 30, will receive the definitive reward this week, the Vigil Mark VII viewer. All these changes have already been implemented. In related topics, 343 Industries has revealed why this multiplayer is still treated as a beta.

Editor s note:

It is good to see that 343 Industries is listening to the players. Many have received with open hugs to this multiplayer, and it would be a shame to see that the attention of the public disappeared only for a lack of attention. Now we only have to discover what is the reaction to these changes.