Jim Ryan criticizes Activision by the controversy with his sky

Yesterday, Wall Street Journey L published an extensive item where it is evidence that Bobby Kick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, not only was there aware of all the problems of Harassment and discrimination within the company, but he himself had accusations of abuse. Following this, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has come to criticize the way in which shareholders and managers of Activision are handling all this situation.

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According to a report of Bloomberg, Ryan emailed Sony employees this morning, in which he mentions that he is disillusioned and shielded by the news. Not only that, but he does not believe that Activision is taking the right steps to solve the matter.

Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation, attacked Activision Blizzard this morning, writing in an email for the staff he was disillusioned and frankly shielded by the news this week. We do not believe that Activision Blizzard statements cover this situation adequately.

WTF is going on at Blizzard?
This says it because despite the report of WSJ, the Board of Directors of Activision continued to support and relying on Kick. More than 100 employees of Activision Blizzard came out to protest yesterday, demanding the immediate departure of the CEO, but Activision is not doing anything about it.

Editor s note: And it is definitely Activision is not handling this situation as they should. I understand that surely there is a lot of politics by means, but the public image of the company is suffering for every moment that they decide not to do anything about it.