Xbox horrified before the last scandal of activision would be reevaluated its relationship

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The last hours have revived the controversy around Activision Blizzard and the numerous complaints of work and sexual harassment that accumulate in the courts, with new data that have put in the eye of the hurricane to the company s head of the company, Bobby Kick, which according to Wall Street Journal was aware for years of cases of abuse. Journalistic article that received a response from Bobby Kick himself just a few moments later. Whoever doubts is that he does not understand how important this is for me, the maximum responsible for Activision came to say, before the new accusations that fell upon him.

In Xbox are concerned about the horrible events in Activision Bloomberg Despite the forcefulness of his words, PlayStation showed his concern about the activity of Activision, by putting more pressure on the figure of Bobby Kick, understanding that they are not Responding appropriately. And now it would have been the maximum responsible for Xbox who, through an email to the employees of him, has shown him the concern of him for the latest data related to the Activision crisis.

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According to the well-known journalist Jason Schrader of Bloomberg, in Xbox are disturbed and deeply concerned about the horrible events and actions that have come to light with the allegations of employees and the US authorities themselves. Always attending this new information, Xbox would be evaluating all aspects of our relationship with Activision Blizzard and carrying out proactive adjustments.

With Xbox and PlayStation sending strong messages over the situation of Activision Blizzard, the pressure on the Board of Directors [of the company] grows to dismiss the besieged Bobby Kick, says Shear in social networks. Bloomberg has contacted an Activision representative, who has told them that they respect all the feedback of our valuable partners and We are committed to the work of guaranteeing that our culture and place of work are Insurance, diverse and inclusive.