Hideki Kamiya apologizes for the cancellation of Scaleboound The obstacles were very large

Hide Kamila (神谷 英樹, Kamila Hide, born December 19, 1970) is a Japanese video game developer as well as supervisor. He began his occupation in 1994 with Cap com, where he guided Citizen Wickedness 2 (1998), Evil One May Cry (2001), Fruitful Joe (2003), as well as Okapi (2006). From 2004 to 2006, he functioned for the Cap com subsidiary Clover Studio. After leaving Cap com, Kamila and other former staff members started PlatinumGames in 2006. His tasks with PlatinumGames include Bayonet ta (2009) as well as The Wonderful 101 (2013).

Hide Kamila, Designer and director at Platinum Games, said Scaleboound, title planned as exclusively for Xbox One in 2017, which unfortunately ended up canceling. Kamila explained through a video, new details behind the development of the project, and he apologized both with Microsoft, and with the fans who longed for the video game.

We needed to be up to the expectations of the Hide Kamila project Scale bound was a project in which we unite forces with Microsoft, Kamila explained. They expected good things from us, and we needed to be up to the expectations that they had themselves with the project.

Kamila mentioned, that his plan in Scaleboound was to return to something more photorealistic, and although it was a personal dream, he thought it was something that Platinum Games also needed, to improve the graphic quality of the study, and go better in video games more Modern.

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I apologize as a creator and as a member of Platinum Games Hide Kamila I loved the worlds of Fantasy Since I was a child, Kamila continued. I always enjoyed worlds with swords, magic and dragons, and I wanted to do something about that topic, but we work in an environment that we were not used to, we used the engine of Unreal, and we also did not know the principles on how to make a video game based on Functions online.

Because of this, the obstacles that were presented in front of the project were very large for the study. Me I apologize with the players who expected to play it, and even more with Microsoft, who deposited their confidence in us as a business partner, I want to apologize as a creator and as a member of Platinum Games, Kamila concluded.

Will Scaleboound return someday? As it has been made clear earlier on several occasions, the response lies in Microsoft. Hide Kamila demonstrated, a year ago, that he still does not lose interest in reviving the project, but he needs the approval of Phil Sentence to take the next step.