Radio legend G nther Koch becomes 80

Gunther Koch has craftsmen with him. In the garden, the cracking green should be removed. In the device that is used, so rather the sound of the word, the radio legend comes into raptures: thread mower.

It is a word for his octave book, which always carries the former teacher. Language is a sensual matter for cook. If I hear a new expression, Ill write that up, he said to the German Press Agency.

Words are important for cook. How should it be different with a football reporter who was heard a thousand times on the radio. At 17.21 at one for the 1st FC Nuremberg Gloomy 29 May 1999, cook but very special sentences, they are legendary sentences. Hello, here is Nuremberg. We get in touch from the abyss, Koch said in the long as a legendary radio conference over the long-term descent of the Club from the Football Bundesliga on the last match day in an incredible descent crime.

A blockbuster for the ears

The dramaturgy was perfect at that time. Five teams were still reluctant before the last Bundesliga playing day — the 1st FC Nuremberg was considered twelfth as almost saved. To 99 percent we stay in it. There should really be everything against us, said the then Nuremberg Tor wart and former National keeper Andreas Hope.

What should one say? Somehow everything ran against the Club, which actually descends in the end. But what cook with his colleagues Dirk Schmitt in Frankfurt and Mann Beckman in Bochum then delivered was like a blockbuster for the ears. I was completely ready and finished, because I never expected that this afternoon takes such a course, Beckman recalled.

The FAN was always good for a drama. Cook, which celebrates his 80th birthday this Monday, knows how hardly another one. The club is terrible and nice at the same time, so I have to say hes terribly beautiful. He is moving and moving, he is a poem that you can not interpret. Hes like life, Cook was like 2011 to 2020 itself sitting in the Supervisory Board of the current second division.

Language almost as important as gold tiptoe tea

His entry into journalism was a fairy tale story as he once called her. Cook, who was actually teachers in Nuremberg, would like to comment on football games on the youth work. One of his daughters suggested the father to promote themselves as a Nuremberg Torwarts reporter. From the beginning of 1977 to the end of 2011 he was then too. Preferably, Koch, who grew up in Upper Bavaria, discussed Games of the 1st FC Nuremberg and therefore considered voice francs.

In his presence, people also give themselves a lot of effort to speak clearly and correctly. As an old teacher, I immediately pull the eyebrows together, if, for example, a swimming says. This is unfortunately admitted, and you say: stink, stank, stunk, but do not wave, Wank, Arched, Koch said. They strive and when they make a mistake, they say: Gunther, but please do not scold, I know, thats bad German. The language is almost as important to me as much as my Assam Broken Gold Tips Tea in the morning breakfast.

Cook has brought the collective term for the followers of the Franconian traditional association according to its own reminder: Clubber er. I may not be the vision of the vision, but I was the first to do it, said Koch, who ended his work as a Nuremberg Torwarts reporter for the BR and for today in the stadium after almost 30 years in 2006.

Football kick on Monday

He has always remained faithful to his heart club. There are also after the biography we will tell us about the abyss still a lot to tell. There is something else in HALDE, something very violent, because I have much more to say about the club, about the SPD, about the Bavarian policy of the CSU, about education policy and about pedagogy. Maybe that will come, said cook.

The most important date of the week stays for him the private football kick on Monday — also on the anniversary. Im there week for week, thats wonderful. Missing? Yes, do you spun? Ill never miss it, unless Im injured, said cook. And how did he say at the end of his memorable report in May 1999? Are, dear friends. It is unbelievable to what the club suggests his loyal audience. Dear Clubber er, Im sorry: that did not have to be.