Rakuten Black Friday starts 20 oclock on November 18 Sale that can not miss the point up to 43 times or 9 600 yen off coupon distribution

This listing supplies an index of video clip game titles in Ban prestos Super Robotic Wars franchise, called Super Robot Taken in Japan. A lot of the games in the collection are tactical role-playing video games, however several games representing other genres were also launched. List is divided by video game genre as well as ordered by first release day. Just the initial video games, Neo Super Robotic Wars and Super Robotic Wars Compact, had last bosses that were not straight developed by Ban presto.

Rakuten Market will be 10:00 to November 18 (Thursday) from 20:00 to November 23 (Tuesday) 01:59, once a year Super Sale Rakuten Black Friday It will be held. During the campaign period, numerous popular products are sold at a bargain price, such as Dysons cyclone vacuum cleaner and lighting integrated projector.

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In addition, the attractions are also a lot of attractions such as the Buy Campaign and up to 9,600 yen OFF coupons where the acquisition points are up to 43 times.

Rakuten Black Friday Official Page

Buy a campaign entry and get 10 times points!

When you enter the Buy Campaign held during the Black Friday Period, points are doubled, three times and three times, depending on the number of shops purchased over ¥1,000. If you shop at 10 stores, you can earn a point of up to 10 times. Dont shop at many shops during the campaign period and get a lot of points! In addition, if you combine the buy campaign and the regular points, you can also earn up to 43 times super-mass points.

Also, If you use the Special Black Coupon that is distributed in order of first-come, you can use the Special Black Coupon, you can purchase products to be made even better! Special Black Coupon Gain Page is here.

Rakuten Black Friday Official Page