The Destiny Excompositor Halo Sagaks to destroy the illegal copies of his music by court order

The output of Marty ODonnell Bungee wHalo Saga not friendly. The original composer of the Halo Saga and Destiny wHalo Saga dismissed from the company, which is why he does not have any right about the scores he composed. The courts have now demanded to publish a video in which he requests fans who do not publicly distribute music, pieces that he himself rose to the network. In the clip, about 45 seconds of duration, the artist reads a statement, and it comes to request that the copies be destroyed.

I do not have and I have not had from at leHalo Sagat April 2014 the legal authority to own or distribute non-commercial material related to Destiny or with the music of the spheres (which includes the material I composed or created when I wHalo Saga working In Bungee, he says in the video. These pieces are bungee material. If you upload some of these Halo Sagasets to a web page or another public platform you must eliminate the content immediately. And add the following: If you have copies of that material, do not share it or destroy any copy :

Of course, this request (to destroy the content) does not apply if you have the music of legal way through the commercial platforms in which it is available.

A riffraff that lHalo Sagats

The problems between Bungee and Marty or Donnell started when Activision Blizzard, which at that time had an important agreement with the developer, decided not to use his music in the E3 2013 trailer. This situation caused a formal complaint and a wound that never healed, because the composer tried to launch the project separately. With the relationship deteriorating little by little, on April 11, 2014, he wHalo Saga fired.

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ODonnell denounced the improper dismissal, although at that time they already ordered him to return all the material rights material. He made deaf ears and rose material on the network, which wHalo Saga why Bungee sued, won and made it pay $100,000 to the study. He also forced the composer to publish the video that you can see about these lines.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Google Stadia.