Kohfeldt protects and warns Yellowers Nmecha

The evening in Seville could have run so much differently for Lukas Mecca, his long-distance shot would be in the 23rd minute, the keeper Bono touched with his hand, landed in the gate and did not land on the crossbar. It was the first (and last) Wolfsburg chance in this game, the 1: 1 compensation could have given the whole thing a turn. But that was the VFL striker at the end of the big under many Wolfsburg losing in Spain.

In the last official motivation, referee Canal Fakir decided on a hand game Mecca, who complained as strongly that he looked yellow — and is now blocked in the group end match against the OSC Lille on 8 December. An unbearable of the scorer, who had so far taken in every game under coach Florian Krefeld, but now proved his team a bear service. I can understand the emotion, says Krefeld, who also complained to the referee. But Luke can not be led. Accordingly, it was an unnecessary yellow card.

Now was not a good evening, but I’ll take him just as in my arms.

Florian Krefeld

Which could hurt the VFL. Because Mecca was last a Tolerant, stepped out of the shadow of out away, on whose shoulders now against Lille a large part of the heavy load of the torching will lie.

from mistakes like this in Seville learn

Mecca had been on everyone’s lavish, says Krefeld about the new international and takes him in protection. Nobody will tear the head of Luke. Now was not a good evening, but I’ll take him the same way in the arm. After all, we do not talk about a 28-year-old torturer. But a 22-year-old, who, so the advice of his coach, must learn from mistakes like this in Seville. Once he has free, says Krefeld, but: It should not happen to him.