Senshin Impact Youtuber fight against each other in the PVP although it does not exist

The community and content-Creator Monensin Impact can always come up with something new again and again: this time the YouTuber Tony Tony to GA HAD has organized a PVP event in the end game dungeon of the game. How that’s exactly held, tell you memo.

In Genshin Impact, there is usually no PVP content, the game is completely designed for EVE. Also in the endgame dungeon, the winding abyss (ABYSS), there are no official rankings regarding the required time or the player’s damage output.

YouTuber Tony to nevertheless created a PVP event, the Golden Creator Cup: Pro Puppet PRI, to which various other content creators and commentators participated.

Who is Tony To? Tony To post regular content and meme videos to Genuine Impact. Mostly, however, he shows how strong individual characters are when you invest time and money in the game.

Tony to his YouTube channel published Tony to the PVP event commented by Player Canto and Genshin-Youtuber XF3 while the participants started against each other.

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Who are the participants of the event? At the Golden Creator Cup, 4 Content Creator participated in Genuine Impact and formed two teams:

Team Baron
Iwintolose gaming
Team Global


Each of them highlights showcases of characters and their loss potential. Some videos are only a few seconds, while other comprehensive analyzes and comparisons contain.

So the PVP event in Genuine Impact

In the PVP event, the 2 teams from two members should compete against each other. In doing so, they had to complete the complete twelfth level of the winding abyss and that as soon as possible.

The twelfth level consists of 3 rooms each, each room having 2 different sections. Each team member had to cope with a section per room and thus compete three times.

At the same time, the individual team members in the race occurred to each other in the race. The team, which could complete the entire twelfth level the fastest, won the Golden Creator Cup.

Which rules were there? In order to heat up the event, there were other rules for the participants:

Each team can alternately ban 4 characters and 4 weapons, so that they can no longer be used by both teams.
A total of only three 5-star weapons may be equipped on the characters.
A total of only 10 maximum-leven artifacts may be equipped on the characters. The remaining artifacts must be 0 at Level.

However, there were no rules for the maximum refinements of the weapons and constellations of the figures.

At the beginning, the first Ban phase took place. After 4 bans were distributed by each team, they were allowed to choose 4 characters, which they had to use at all 3 rooms.

Thereafter, the second Ban phase took place at which 4 bans were again distributed. Finally, the participants were allowed to select the last 4 characters. The various ban- and pick phases and the special rules called for strategic thinking of the content creator.

Within the teams then had to be decided who uses what characters, because they could not be exchanged in retrospect.

After that, all involved and rapid struggles were delivered. Who has won in the end and how they did that, we do not tell you at this point?

The PVP event delighted the community members and cried a lot of praise, what are you thinking about it? Do you find the whole thing imaginative or do you have even better ideas for such PVP events? Write us in the comments.

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