COD VANGUARD The community asks for a multiplayer identity hallmarks to be eliminated

The Video game Honors are an annual honor ceremony that benefits services in the video game market. At the celebrations are likewise ideas of brand-new titles and also detailed seek to see currently revealed video games. The shows are generated as well as regulated by Geoff Kafka, who has benefited over ten years on its predecessor, the Spike Video Game Honors.

CALL OF DUTY: VANGUARD, Like the previous Games in the Saga, benefits from several rounds of eliminations that allow players to enjoy certain advantages for a limited time. Come on, the short streak of all life.

From attack dogs to gliding pumps and ruling flamethrowers, there is something for all tastes and styles. To take advantage of it, you still have to chain several murders in a row, and when the players arrive there, the Vanguard multiplayer quickly becomes too explosive. So, part of the community wants that to change.

Sledgehammer Games May Have Just Saved Vanguard
Vanguard players ask for the face of Face Off mode

As a result, it is not uncommon to see more and more on social networks, and in particular at Reddit, messages from the Call of Duty community demanding certain changes for the multiplayer title of Sledgehammer Games

According to most players, Low Dachas spoil the game experience, and in these conditions it is difficult to make the most of what the title offers us. For this reason, the LookATMYCODE user did not hesitate to open a debate about the introduction without Kill streaks for Vanguard.

CALL OF DUTY: Black Ops Cold War Yes offered a way without a series of eliminations, called Face OFF. In this, the game offered 6v6 in different modes such as MME or domination, and it is natural that appeared in the players’ debate thread.

Among the various comments we can find in the thread, some affirm that low racks devastate the flame maps, which causes FPS to fall. Others find that the Mortar Barrage deletion series is simply infamous, as it makes the screen tremble and then makes it impossible to see what is really happening around.

With all these tips, we hope that Sledgehammer Games Please note and decide to enter a similar way to Black Ops Cold War in the coming weeks to please a somewhat disgusted community.

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