New World Server maintenance on November 23 2021 due to Timeskip

News for New World fans come from the New Worlds Twitter and from the forum: Today, on November 23, 2021, the New World Servers shut down for server expectations — again, from 15:00 of our time. The Server Status of New World is displayed for about three hours as offline. Why the whole thing?

Fairer Time skip bug

After the release of Update 1.1 for New World, the fans have already received larger stability issues on their game worlds — that’s why in recent days there were some maintenance and downtimes in New World. Even today’s failures turn around server stability, but not only.

Some players (to the New World Forum) has noticed that after a short time, after a short time, it had to open the tax costs in a city again, although there was not the time. Also, developed city features had been reset again. These players found that the server time for a server kick jumped into the future for a month. The reports have been run after the release of Update 1.1 as well as over the past weekend and now the creators of New World seem (Buy Now €39.99) finally found a solution. Of which Community Manager Touch also liens in the New World Forum.

The freeze bug is also on the collar

All problems that are to be resolved with today’s server maintenance on November 23, 2021, lists Touch as follows:

Random server maintenance explained, TIME DESYNC FIXES, 1.1 bugs, and more New World news
Reduced occurrences in which the time of a world suddenly jumps to a future date.
An error has been fixed in which some combat situations with many players led that these frozen worked, and their condition could not be transmitted to users due to excessive bandwidth utilization.
A rarely occurring problem has been fixed in which a server could crash.

If everything goes according to plan, the New World servers should be available again at 18:00.

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