Fortnite Collaboration presented in the form of reactive digital outfits

Epic Games announces the latest form of self-representation in Fortnite: a fashion collaboration with Monster. The new outfits and accessories are based on the summit-oriented spirit of the iconic fashion house and will be available from November 21 at 01:00 CET in Fortnite’s Item Shop.

Inspired by the recently published 6 Monster 1017 Alex 9SM collection by Matthew Williams, celebrate the new Monster outfits darkness and light. Players: Indoor can switch between new dark and bright styles or choose a completely new reactive style that changes every look of bright, the higher the players: inside. If you descend again, each outfit changes from dark back to light.

The complete list of objects also includes accessories and a charging screen in addition to the outfits:

Monster Classic Package : Includes the Outfits André and Renée

Moncler arrive dans Fortnite
Back-accessory tube screen : The classic screen, but better.
Pickaxe Ax screen : Helps in bad weather and many opponents.
Hanging ladder Para-Pluie : Slides elegantly.
charging screen The summit

Matthew Williams, Creative Director of Alex 9SM, says: It was very interesting to work with the team of Epic and Monster to bring the 6 Monster 1017 Alex 9SM collection in a vibrant digital room like Fortnite to life. The new 6 Monster 1017 Alex 9SM collection celebrates the coincidence of light and darkness, and the collaboration with Fortnite explores this concept in a completely new way. Digital materials do not follow the rules of the physical world, which allows us to be creative with these new reactive outfits in the game. They change from bright to dark, depending on the height of the player in the game. Since Monster was born in the mountains, the new styles are authentic in Fortnite to this heritage.

All the details of cooperation are available in the official blog post.