The Witcher 4 Development should start 2022

CD Project Red Plane, next year with working on The Witcher 4 and the next cyberpunk game.

Gerald’s history has the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, better than the second extension Blood & Wine, an end found, another game based on the fantasy novels of Andrew Minkowski should still give it. Whether this is called The Witcher 4 is sometimes heard (we do not expect). But now it is clear that the work should start next year.

Adam Kaminski, President of CD Project Red, has given the Polish daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita an interview and, inter alia, spoken on the company’s future plans. Thanks to Google (and the colleagues of comicbook.com) we know that he is confirmed in the conversation that it is expected to start 2022 to work on the next AAA projects, which belong to the two brands of CD project, so Cyberpunk And The Witcher. Currently focusing on those IPs, both of which have a great potential, which is why you develop several games in parallel. Kaminski does not reveal at the point, whether it’s two titles or even more, but we keep the latter unlikely. CD Project Red is big, but not so big again.

The Witcher 4 - Big News Update!  CD Projekt RED Talks About The Future of The Franchise!
More reveals Kaminski. So we can only look like a Witcher 4 looks and when it could appear. At least the latter could be narrowed out if the development would actually start at the latest twelve months. Given that such a complex role-playing game requires a few years’ development time, I would not be able to expect the Witcher 4 before 2025. We even assume that it will appear even later.