Team Cheese receives a full face washing for the 2022 season

Cheese Team, the Spanish esports organization focused on mobile gaming albeit with different games like League of Legends and led by Alvaro González de Buitrago, known as Alvaro845 and Alicia Morose, better known as Alcohol, he has introduced a total redesign of the brand with which it aims to go one step further and advance the professionalization of the club. Through a live event in Madrid, the influencer appeared before journalists the design change brand after 4 years with it, but from the organization continue to stress that the essence of the club is still there from the first day.

During the presentation, it announced the partnership with Fanatic British firm leader in esports in Europe along with other titans like Esports G2, which also has a presence in Spain through Arctic Gaming. Javier Dario Zara, Director of League of Legends, and Alvaro845 itself have exposed the objectives of this partnership. This has the ambition to design agreement both teams and manage a reference environment for developing talent within the circuit of accredited ERA as is the Superior and thus preparing his players to jump to the top European competition, the LEC. It is not mentioned anything to jump into this competition, but it is not likely to happen in the near future.

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Fanatic is eSports history and have chosen the best partner with whom to walk this road and continue conquering new titles, says CEO of cheeses. In turn, Dario Hagar also wanted this union: We are very happy to land in Spain at the hands of Team Cheese. Together we will take our academy model to the next level. Although not officially the team for 2022, Fanatic Team Cheese is one of the favorite teams to get high in the tournament with mundialista Bean and Chuck Leading the team in bot lane.