Lineage 2m finally started

We waited and we were waiting. Lineage 2 m made his debut in 36 European countries and North America, including also in Poland.

As if someone did not know, L2M is a great Victor from NCS oft (creators of Lineage 2, Ion or Blade & Soul), which only in Asia earned 1.5 billion dollars, and his quarters were… thirteen times higher than Guild Wars 2.

Now this Korean success wants to repeat on our markets.

Lineage 2 m is available on mobile devices and PCs (via a Purple platform).

PC client

This: to play Necessary NCS oft account

What about the promised Polish language versions? It is… and it is surprisingly exercised quite decent. After several dozen minutes of fun, I did not notice any drastic mistakes. Of course, some shortcomings happen, and some translations sound strange, but otherwise it is really okay.

You can choose five races and six character classes:

Race: Man, Elf, Dark Elf, Or, Dwarf

Lineage 2M - A quick overview of the classes

Classes: Knight, Warrior, Raider, Archer, Cleric, Wizard