Xbox Series X Insider Leaks Juego exclusivo similar a PS3 Classic

An exclusive Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game has been filtered, and according to the report, recalls a classic PS3 2010 game. In fact, so it seems, you can even convert some unconditional and nostalgic fans of PlayStation in a game. A little jealous, since PS5 would be a game of this kind well. According to not only a report, but some different reports, Xbox is being associated with Studio for an exclusive Xbox, and will not be the type of game you would expect. One would expect the couple to make a tactical role-play, because this is what the team composed of former BioWare developers, has invented exclusively to this point in the form of Banner saga, saga banner 2, and saga banner 3, three great games that, despite not generating an immense commercial success, accumulated several awards and praise from criticism on the road. In other words, they are a talented study.

According to reports, including one of Jeff Grubs — the mysterious project has the name in Project Belfry code and is not a tactical role-play as the previous games of the team. Rather, it is a side scroll action game that, according to Grubs, is similar to The crown of the dragon, a game of 2013 vanilla ware that is exclusive to the PlayStation platforms.

Unfortunately, the details about the game are scarce, but it is said that it has art that is a mixture of saga banner and the princess monotone, and that there is some kind of base where players create articles and improve the team. In other words, it seems that there are some role elements in the game. And if the game is like saga banner, it will be a heavy narrative and give the agency players giving them decisions to make that impact on this narrative.

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At this time, it is not known when this game will be thrown or revealed, but given that three years have passed since Studio released a title, we would not be surprised if not only is close to being revealed, but also released. That said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt.

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