Rainbow Six Siege Phoenix ESPORTS The mythical bird looking for the dreamed final

Felix ESPORTS honored your pet after retirement of Arturo Sigma Bizarre. The team received PAB as a new piece not only for the Mexican championship of Rainbow Six Siege, also for the qualifying to the Invitational Six. But according to Eduardo Luxor Ortiz, things paint well with the new signing.

We have felt a little more comfortable […] I feel we can achieve many things with him, he said. Pedro HOPE MONTE elaborated in the impact of the change in the template. A new player is equivalent to an adjustment in the roles of all members, although Phoenix ESPORTS managed to adapt to the situation. I feel that he is giving good results, and we can give a good representation in these qualifiers, HOPE said.

The change took place near October 19, after the last Copy Elite Six of the year. Prior to this, Felix Esports only lost against either esports at the third phase of competition. Being in the Top 2 throughout the competition, it is important to talk about how it was lying with the issue of exhaustion. A situation that is not alien to the ESPORTS and that can affect the player both and the squad itself.

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We have worked a lot as a team, we have demanded too much in hours, the truth, the changes that have been made, I feel that they go for better, this semifinal and final are going to bear fruit, he shared. HOPE is my ILL [Captain], He has handled us a little better with Pay, the new player. I feel we’ve been able to adapt very well, he elaborated in the case of Pay.

HOPE accepted that it is not an easy task to keep the spirits up, especially with the settings to the computer. One of the keys to be well mentally is the companionship that is lived under the wings of the phoenix. One who begins from the captain, but that requires a lot of effort. HOPE’s work van from transmitting the ideas and playing plan of the coach, in addition to proposing a teamwork that gives foot to a cohesion of ideas.

About PAY, the captain’s commitment is to teach you everything collected in the Elite Six Cup and in previous phases. Always with the goal that he can quickly be coupled with the new companions of him, taking into account that his competitive experience is not much.

For the rest of the competition, Luxor leaves it very clear: The great ending that we want to play is against either. We need that championship and we deserve it. We are going to go to give everything.

I share the feeling that it should be with either [the great end]. Throughout the year competitive we have fought on the 1st and 2nd place; they have maintained most of the stages in 1st place, for a point. A final between us two could decide who was the best throughout the year, said Hope. For the semifinal, it would prefer a closed match. All of our metal games have gone to the Overtime (7-5) that has been quite stressful. For mental peace, minimum of mine, a quick match would be better and that will close without many complications, he said about his first day.

The semifinal against Mexico Esports Team will take place on December 5 at 4:30 p.m. MX / 17:30 CO / 19:30 AR / 23:30 EN.