Rocket League codes cosmetic items for free cars

G2 Esports is an e-sports company based in Berlin. It was founded in February 2014 under the name Gamers2 as well as has been their name today since 15 October 2015. G2 was understood by its dedication to League of Legends, yet since 2015 additionally holds gamers in other self-controls such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Rocket League. The League of Legends group has actually been dipping into League of Legends European Champion since 2016.

One of the current games that has been active more years is Rocket League, with which you continue to be disputed infinity of daily matches and in which once in a time is enabled with events and new rewards. Many of them can be obtained by simply playing, but there are also others that are of payment.

However, sometimes they are distributed codes that allow free new cosmetic items for free vehicles. All of them you will find them in the following guide that we will update as they are delivering more free codes.

Rocket League codes in December 2021

The way to redeem the codes is very simple. You will only need to access the game menu of the game and choose Extras. There will be an option for you to write the code in question, and you will receive all the rewards it includes.

In December 2021 These are the codes that work:

Popcorn Loose popcorn when using the turbo in the car.

In principle, it has not been indicated until when the code will remain available, so its thing is that you can redeem it as soon as you can before it disappears and thus be able to boast of new aspects in your cars.

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