The inclusion fund of Network N

In June last year, after the murder of George Floyd and the triggered unrest, our parent has committed itself to increase the visibility of BIPOC and other under-represented voices in its entire portfolio. The websites operated by Network N, including The PC Player 24, were raised by 25%, using the increase specifically for commissioning these votes.

What Diversity & Inclusion is REALLY About | Simon Sinek

From November 2021, this investment was further increased to a total of 5,000 GBP per month (60,000 GBP per year). This money is used exclusively to commission works by authors of BIPOC, LGBTQIA + and other different backgrounds in The PC Player 24 and all his sister pages.

We would also like to make sure that all these authors have the same opportunities as everyone else, so please let us know their ideas about the full range of writing playing with: opinion, functions, instructions, reviews; All of them. In addition, we also want to highlight the personal experiences of players from these less represented groups; We do not just want more diverse voices covering our usual beats, but also a more diverse reporting.

If you are interested in writing about one of the above topics, our platforms are open to you. In our pitching guide you will find the best contact persons.