HELLBLADE 2 is likely to appear at Game Awards

HELLBENDER: Senna’s Sacrifice is an action-adventure video game published and developed by Ninja Theory, released on August 8, 2017, on Windows as well as PlayStation 4, April 11, 2018, on Xbox One as well as April 11, 2019, on Nintendo Switch over.

Sega: Senna Hell blade 2 would be among the titles that will be presented at the Game Awards of this year.

In September, Journalist Jeff Grubs disclosed to the public of the game that, according to what he understood, Sega: Hell blade 2 of Senna would be at Game Awards. Three months after his first statement, Grubs is always confident and continues to keep his remarks.

Blade 2 will always be there, He said. I simply did not hear anything on the contrary.

The latest news about Senna’s Saga: Blade 2 date of June. That’s when Developer Ninja Theory has published the latest trailer behind the scenes of the game. The developers have revealed nothing about the game since then. However, the chief designer of creation, Tame em Antonia, said the team worked very hard to propose something very special.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 - Official Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2019
What we are doing right now is to build a good part of the game before going back to full production to build the rest, said Antonia. Blade was very special for us.

Team Ninja is very creative with the forehead of the game characters by creating real costumes. We build real costumes, the scanning in, he added. We collaborate with Epic Games to offer you the new generation digital characters.

They even sent some of their staff to Iceland, so they can explore the region and transfer images to Senna’s Saga: Blade 2. The game takes place in Iceland of the 9th century, he continued. We have therefore sent our artistic and audio teams out there to make photography, photogrammetry and combine them with satellite data to recreate wide sides of the landscape.

We wanted to do something very special, said Antonia to the fans. Dun, we make our lives as difficult as possible in this lawsuit.

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