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Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics has been in the criticism over the past few weeks because of its playing way. Egoism was accused of the 23-year-old, the Celtics-Forward can only laugh about it.

In an interview with Jay King of the Athletic addressed Tatum now the egoism allegations that were fired a few days ago by a feature of Tim Contempt ( ESPN ). There, an Assistant coach from the Eastern Conference was quite clearly expressed to Tatum and did not leave good hair at the All-Star.

With Jayson Tatum, it’s just Jayson Tatum, the anonymous coach was quoted. I do not think he’s going to win at the moment — and if, under his conditions, he does not want to make 15 points and win, he wants 39 scores and win.

Tatum himself could only laugh about it. I know that’s not true, said the 23-year-old. I know my teammates, my coaches. Everyone who spends time with me knows that I’m just not selfish. Even Tatum’s former coach and present Celtics President Brad Stevens commented the statements and called them with a local radio show absolutely ridiculous.

Celtics President Stevens is standing behind Tatum

This assistant coach remains anonymous because he just does not know Jayson. Jayson would destroy his team for the rest of his career again and again, Stevens continued to look forward and again stressed that he was more than happy that Tatum for the coming years be played for the Celtics.

For Tatum, the thing has done in the meantime, but the Forward was also pleased about the support of Stevens. That’s how the times we live. People are hiding and saying things they would never say to me. But if you are in a position, as I am, then people have a lot about you to say.

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The Tatum discussion came up early on the season when Marcus Smart Tatum and Jaylen Brown publicly criticized after a defeat against Chicago Bulls, that they would look for their own throw too much. But the topic is now done within the team. About the season Tatum lays 25.2 points, 8.8 rebounds and 3.7 assists at 40.6 percent litter ratio from the field.