Guild Wars 2 And suddenly the legendaryes from Eod are interesting

The Guild Wars 2 Extension End of Dragons made a new extension with its revelation in July 2021 for a lot of enthusiasm. With fishing, a co-op riding and nine additional elite specializations for the classes. What players but partly rather marked with a yay behavior, the announced legendary weapons of the third generation are.

Because instead of unique themes and designs for every type of weapons such as exorcism there will be a common legendary set. His look was already revealed at that time. It is based on the prismatic dragon name Laurene, with which our In game heroes connect a lot. Who wants to be in common, says Unit oatmeal. Do not want Matze. That’s why he says nothing. He still prefers a variety. Source: Arena net

What do the Legendary’s from GW2 End of Dragons make differently?

However, in the recent Livestream to Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now €49.95) Extension have revealed the developers some significantly more interesting features of the third generation legendary. These are now very much more enjoyable in the community:

The new legendary es are tradable. Players can also craft them as a method of gold, as it was the case with generation 1. And if you do not feel like the collections, you can easily get the gold with the methods of your choice and buy the weapons. Look only on GW2Efficiency to see how much effort is in a legendary.
New on-kill effects complement the cosmetic features of Legendary’s. Apart from the usual footprints, AUR and projectiles, there will be a new way of visual exclusivity. Anyone who leads the Laurene weapons will sometimes make opponents with a prismatic crystal extrusion!
Laurene will not be the only dragon that determines the design of the new legendary!

Five skins for every Legendary from End of Dragons

The last point ensures most suitable ears. For so far, players thought that the Laurene look is a must for all new legendary. But the developers have explained that this is only a basic set. Thereafter, players will be able to proceed special collections and successes to unleash the energies stored in Laurene of completed alt dresses.

End Of Dragons Legendaries Are REDEEMED! 96 Legendary Appearances!

So, those on the plant look of Mordremoth, the flames of Rigorous or even the Necromancer Haitians will be able to adapt the Legendary’s, but not directly to the launch of End of Dragons. A preview was in the form of the greater:
Concept Type about the different versions of the new legendary GUILD WARS 2: End of Dragons. Source: Aurene / Arena net How exactly the effort for the new legendary looks like is still unknown. The developers have emphasized in the official blog that there will be a few well-known ingredients when they have ever built Legendary’s. Fishing fish from the new mastery will play a role, but you should also just buy fish from other players. In our Guide to legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2 you will learn more about how you can build the previous legendary and what makes them special.

Source: Livestream, Arena net Blog

Change this new information your attitude to the Legendary from GW2 End of Dragons? Or does the thought of such a set continue cold? Betray us in the comments!

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