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With Grid Legends, the British Racing forge Code masters wants to bring the prestige brand of racing back to the ideal line: Although the soft reboot to Grid from 2019 in Critics could produce many positive reactions (also in our test), but especially the Low scope and dust-dry staging caused disillusionment with the fans.

Now, one would like to convince with each amount of improvements in the area of ​​exposure, weather effects, vehicle behavior and AI. On the other hand, one does not want to commit the mistake of the predecessor again and therefore promises the most extensive grid of all time. Racing fans may look forward to over 100 vehicles, 22 routes and lots of modes.

Whether the thick laced racing package Grid Legends (Buy Now €79.99 / €53.99) can actually convince from Code masters and what fans are looking forward to seeing themselves in our preview with preview video.

Table of contents

  1. 1 Driven to Glory : Sex Education meets Drive to Survive and The Mandalorian
  2. 2 embarrassing drama excursions or thrilling title fight?
  3. 3 career, events and own creations
  4. 4aus errors learned: the most extensive grid of all time
  5. 5 brilliant opponents, beautiful light and more intense action

Codemasters + Grid Legends Full Presentation | EA Play Live 2021

We have to mention that we were already allowed to play myself, but only individual events. The story, Cutscenes or the like was not available yet. Therefore, there are some points in our Preview video, which we can not portray perfectly. But we expect some updates around the story and presentation in the coming weeks.

Driven to Glory : Sex Education meets Drive to Survive and The Mandalorian

The big highlight in Grid Legends is clearly the elaborately staged story mode, which adorns itself with real skill talents, a highly modern film technology and a lot of drama. In the role of the Driver 22, a driver of the Seneca team, we will be confronted with an Underdog story within the Grid world, which is strongly from the Formula 1 document Drive to Survive Netflix has been produced since 2019, inspired — as well as in the very successful F1 2021. Code masters seems to be currently as many, in the large F1 hype.
Star Power on and next to the asphalt: Sex Education star Cut Fatwa will use its actress talent in Grid Legends to breathe a soul of the Underdog protagonists. We are looking forward to the presentation of the BAFTA award winner! Source: Code masters At the center of the act are three different personalities. The beginning makes a rather inexperienced and young racer who is embodied by Sex Education Star and BAFTA Prize winner Cut Fatwa. Continue with an old acquaintance, the grid fans already know quite a while: Nathan McKone. The standard antagonist of the Grid series is a five-time champion in the dominant racing team Raven west and will be audible in Grid Legends for the first time. The trio is completed by the young woman Hume Tanaka, which tries to enforce male-dominated racing with talent and diligence. A well-known rival: Five Champion Nathan McKone already celebrated his debut in the Grid game of 2009, this time you can even hear and see him. Source: Code masters

But off the race talent, there should also be important personalities such as managers and mechanics who feed the sports events painted by Code masters with more immersion and pump additional drama in racing everyday life. Live action stories in video games and sports stories have a pretty bad reputation, whether Code masters can actually provide enthusiasm?

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Embarrassing drama excursion or thrilling title fight?

What we have learned about the story is positive: The different facets could actually promise exciting and dramatic sports history, which sounds just as pretty interesting: Grid Legends relies on state-of-the-art film technology, in which real elements are combined with computer-generated backgrounds. The most famous representative of this modern technology is the Star Wars Show The Mandalorian, which gradually made the procedure in Hollywood. The story is written by the award-winning author Brad Kane, who has already worked on Ghost of Sushi, Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Diverse Pixar movies.
An interactive documentary for replaying: The story mode consists of live material of a fictitious documentary crew, interviews with persons involved and gameplay. How this is all together to release, but still has to show. Source: Code masters in our digital preview of which we were invited by EA, unfortunately, there was still quite little material to assess the story mode. So if you can actually expect a thrilling and dramatic history, you must only show in the next few weeks. The documentary format consisting of live material and interviews sounds quite promising. Rather, insights, on the other hand, there were in the field of content and modes that could indicate many hours of fun.

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Careers, events and own creations

Off the main history, there are many other ways to immerse yourself in the fascination of racing. Within the career, we are able to influence our a lot of teams in the form of the team boss. For example, we may choose the vehicle LIVERY, the name and the logo of our racing team, but also which sponsors support us financially and accompany us over the season — F1 reading again. The longest career of grid history, consisting of over 250 events, but can also be denied in the driver’s point of view. It can be freely chosen to which classes we feel like. So if you can do little with strong trucks, you do not necessarily have to deny such events.
Pre-promising: Although there were still some play areas that hold Code masters under closure, but our first impression is actually pretty positive — Grid Legends could be perfect! Source: 20Codemasters in the so-called Driving Stories are also promised us unique and intensive action on the track. In the same breath, the new Race Creator must be highlighted, with which it is possible to create different events that can even be shared online. According to Creative Director Chris Smith, there are hardly limits and a simple and intuitive implementation of an editor that picks up crafting game types themselves. For example, those who want to combine trucks and minis along ramps and boost zones in the snowy metropolis of London, which can easily do that.

Different weather conditions and daytime may not be missing in a modern racer, while snow joins as a new feature. Also exciting: relationships, from friendships to rivalry, can build up in the course of the race and strengthen over several races.

Other racing categories include classics such as drift, elimination, well-known time races, Stadium Trucks and many more. Brand new is inter alia the integration of electric cars that were first packed in their own category for the first time.

Learned from mistakes: the most extensive grid of all time

With a total of over 100 vehicles and 22 tracks that consist of more than 130 routes, the scope of the game can actually be seen. There are nine vehicle categories, of course, the serial-typical touring cars, in which modern hypercars up to Trucks is all about. One of the highlights is the Hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Concept developed by Aston Martin. The categories are additionally divided into 3 difficulty levels: amateur, half-professional and professional, which are unlocked during the career. For hard-minded asphalt veterans, there are also various pro events that challenge your tour.
Fresh asphalt: The Fictitious Le Mans section Strata Alpina is one of the highlights of the racing calendar of Grid Legends and should provide a sensation with a lot of high-speed passages. Source: Code masters A good racing game of course also needs iconic and famous racetracks. On the one hand, there are prestige courses such as Brands Hatch or Indianapolis, but on the other hand also freely invented slopes. The highlights include various city courses in Moscow, London and Barcelona as well as the Fictitious Le Mans high speed route Strata Alpina.

Better opponents, beautiful light and more intense action

You could now think, Code masters is resting on the content and presents a similar picture as a similar picture, as that was the case in the 2019 grid — wrong. We were actually surprised how ambitious Grid Legends were presented by Chris Smith. One has a Grid Legends in Preview: Racing Document for re-playing — Code masters in the F1 Hype (19) Source: Code masters Completely new exposure engine at the start, which is supposed to enhance the general graphic image. In addition, one has worked intensively on the AI, which has already left a positive picture in its predecessor, but now more realistic and demanding operates. With Grid Legends races should be as intense as never before. This should be achieved on the one hand that the error rate in the competition, whether technical or driving nature, rises.

Car towers can appear in the form of small damage to a lost tire or engine problems. How well the damage model fails we can not say yet. Traditionally, areas such as AI or optical damage are an area within the development that is only optimized quite late. But what we can say is that the driving behavior is adjusted and properly improved in terms of weather, margins and wheel-an-wheel action.

Finally, we would like to go to areas that can not be missing in a code master racing game. Whether it’s various driving aids, steering wheel support or a multiplayer, Grid Legends will be a full-fledged racing experience. To what extent the many sentences are put together at the end and how this will be present for the release on 25 February Gameplay in the overall picture, show. But we are very looking forward to the ambitious latest Code master title. There could be a real force on us.

What is your impression on the new Code masters Racer Grid Legend? Do you think the dramatically staged story is rather embarrassed or can actually achieve a new level of racing stories? Write us your opinion in the comments and discuss with the first big racing title 2022.

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Finally, someone dares to an ambitious live action story!

The current F1 season and the acclaimed Netflix show Drive to Survive show: Motorsport can be unbelievably gripping and telling dramatic stories about dreams, defeats, turning rivalries and team work — but unfortunately not in video games. At least so far. Yes, the racing story around the Newcomer Aiden Jackson from F1 2021 was fun and is an important step, but there’s so much more! Personally, I am very looking forward to the ambitious sports story, who wants to tell Grid Legends in the world. The documentation format is perfect for a racing history, in addition, the participation of BAFTA winners Cut Fatwa is very positive — you just like to like.

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