GTA Online Puts Date to The Contract A new update with Franklin Clinton and the artist Dr Dre

Rock star has not stopped giving news around his online GTA, because the game has been receiving some periodic updates that have led him to be one of the most viewed titles on Twitch. Now, developers want to go further with their ideas and present The Contract, a new story in which we will meet with Franklin Clinton, an iconic GTA V character.

The Contract will be available on December 15 On this occasion, Franklin wants to found ‘F. Clinton and Partner ‘, a solutions’ agency for celebrities with which to offer their services to the Pinewood elite. However, this will only be able to carry it out if it has an adequate partner and an important client. Who will be that partner? Well, the player, of course. And who will be the important client? Nothing more and nothing less than the musical artist and producer DR. ARE.

And is that this well-known professional has lost his mobile phone and, with him, several unpublished musical themes. In this way, we will embark on a hilarious period full of melodies created by Dr. Dre, as well as a new station and updates in which we already know, to recover the creations of the artist. To access this story, we will only have to wait until the day December 15, so there is not much left to prove the experience.


After all, GTA Online has managed to maintain the interest of its users at the same time that it captures many more attentions, something that has left us with 10 great moments that have marked their story. However, these adventures will not be eternal, and from Rock star they have already warned that GTA Online will close its servers in PS3 and Xbox One at the end of this year.