NOVEMBER PITCHYAGAME AWARDS OF 2021 These are all the winners

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The pitchyagame initiative results from the most peculiar. It is a congregation of independent developers who must announce their projects in a very different way than we usually see among large companies: They have 12 hours and the ad space is limited to a toot. large companies it sounds. Of course, candidates undergo a vote from which the most promising games come out. It takes place twice a year, and we already know all the winners of November 2021. You can see the event and material of the titles chosen on the Twitch channel of That Them Clancy.

Pitchyagame November 2021: All winners

Next, we leave you the full list. The 4 chosen have achieved economic prizes that will serve large companies a boost to the development of their projects.

2021 Melon Music Awards | FULL WINNERS

Free ride The Personality Test : Probably, the most ambitious project on the list. It is an RPG set in a spiritual world, in the absence of psychic powers or the possibility of doing so much good, and evil. The game still does not have a launch date, but you can already add it to your desired ones in Steam.
DEMON SPORE : According to the Steam page, Demon Spore will arrive at some point in 2022. Open the way in a hell of tentacles caused by a mysterious experiment in a laboratory is the main mission of this proposal of Rogue lite inspired by the monsters of the 80s decade.
Ruler and The Souls of Limbo : You can try it completely free of charge in Steam. It is a two-dimensional adventure of the most colorful, with cycle of day and night, secondary missions and endless characters with which to interact. The title hlarge companies positive valuations in the Valve store.
Fisher’s Isle : The protagonist is a trapped pllarge companiestic doll inside a child’s toy box. Although finding a way to escape is the main objective, the official title synopsis points to that we can explore and make friends differently than usual.