iOS 15 2 will identify if your iPhone has generic parts

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Although Apple will already allow you to repair your iPhone from the comfort of your home, the truth is that there will still be a lot of people willing to take their teams to authorized establishments to correct any problems they may have. With the arrival of IOS 15.2, It will be much easier to detect if the parts used during the repair process were original or if they were generic.

iPhone will tell you its service history with new iOS 15.2: my thoughts

As reported by the portal Gizmo do, Apple will be incorporating a new section in the menu of Settings called History of parts and service. From here you can see if you iPhone is using components with Apple certification, such as the screen, battery or even the camera module.

In case one of these components are not original, but quiet, but calm, that iPhone will not override its operation. You can still use these pieces, you will only know that they are no longer original, which are used, or that simply do not work in its entirety.

This new function will be compatible with all iPhones 12 and 13, and although it will be possible to use it in older models, its functionality will be much more limited. That is, it will only notify you if the battery is not original, but it will ignore the rest of the components.

Editor’s note: This function will be particularly useful at the time of repairing your iPhone with some third. Although it is promoted that original pieces will be used, with IOS 15.2 we can already verify how true it turned out to be this, and thus avoid us of many problems in the future.