Save the world from unknown virus Fantasy Deck construction Strategy Calamity Eliminator STEAM Early Access Start Plan to support Japanese with future updates

All the carriers of the Medal of Honor are available in this listing.

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White Knight has launched STEAM early access for deck construction strategy Calamity Eliminator.

This work works a deck construction and a dog lick work to search for combat and map. Players will face the mission with many fellows to face the unknown virus Calamity that threatens the world.

Teams that can participate in the battle can be organized up to six people. Because of the characteristics and skills of each character, skills, various reinforcement cards that can be acquired in the game, it is important to formulate the balance. In addition, special events for dice rolls are also available in the map.

Early access period is about half a year. The product version is planned to add characters and workshops, and Japanese voice. Official Twitter is revealed that it is currently working on the Japanese addition of this work.

Calamity Eliminator is delivered in STEAM early access. Special promotions that can be purchased 10% off until December 22 are also being implemented.