WMADID Line Day Tose acquisition Strengthen Wick Casual Lineup

Memoir (Representative Gang Hymn BUK) said it will take place on Sunday Those (Representative Kim Jung-seop) on July 20.

The MADE enhances the casual game lineup of the platform, which is blocked through this acquisition, and expands to social casinos genres.

Sunday Loses serves a strategy in the mobile game market and serves a social casino game such as Slot mate, Electric Slot, etc. through the Affect Series, including Affect Series, and a subsidiary.

Sandstone subsidiaries Playing declared a global market with an NFT-based social casino game next year and threw an exempt table to the blockchain game market.

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The Women’s Made, said Gang Hymn Chong, said, The WIMAX is ​​a platform that can be rapidly transformed into a game of all genres, he said, We will develop M & A for the expansion of M & A for expansion of the Ecosystem.

The MADRID is aimed at 100 game services to the Aims Platform by the end of 2022, and it is continuing to collaborate with various developers and genres.