Hearthstone Posesi takes the Championship and is the new world champion

The American Copy (Spanish: Campeonato Americano Copy American, Portuguese: Campeonato Un-American Copy American), the American Cup in French, is the biggest international football competitors organized by the CONMEBOL (with invitations for groups Concacaf or AFC). It has been held at the same time every two, three or four years since the first version in 1916. Given that 1984 and the disappearance of the British House Champion, Copy American is the oldest continental event in the background of football.

The present event format includes twelve nationwide teams in competitors on the sites of a host nation over a period of concerning a month. The South American Confederation has only 10 participants, nationwide groups from other FIFA confederations are for that reason welcomed to fill the 2 uninhabited locations. Mexico, a member of Concacaf, is hence routinely invited since its first participation in 1993. Given that 1999, AFC teams have actually additionally been invited, as holds true for Japan and Qatar in 2019.
In 47 editions, 8 nationwide groups won the title: Argentina and also Uruguay causes the number of success (15 titles each); Brazil has actually won nine prizes; Chile, Paraguay and Peru follow with two titles each. The various other 2 champions are Bolivia as well as Colombia, with a title each.
The American Copy is one of the most monitored global sporting occasions. The 2007 version had an estimated hearing at 530 million customers in Latin America and also a collective global audience of four billion individuals across 185 countries. The holder of the title of the American Copy was welcomed to take part in the adhering to version of the Confederations Cup before the removal of the Confederations in 2019.

The present titleholder is Argentina, winner of the 2021 edition.

The weekend of December 18 and 19 was important for Latin America. At Hearthstone World Championship 2021, Fecund Nalguidan Arezzo looked for the world 2021 against seven other competitors, fighting from Group A. Her debut was satisfactory and came to the game of winners, where Water poses Hibachi surpassed it by 3-2, sending it against French Gabriel Gaby Jeanne.

posesi vs glory | GRAND FINAL | Hearthstone 2021 World Championship
Nalguidan came to the fifth match against Gaby, but he did not reach to get into the qualifiers of the competition. Argentina stayed with the desire of a World Cup, while France deposited his expectations in Gaby, who played against NATO Glory Kenya. The Japanese had already won the Hearthstone World Championship 2020, in addition to being Poses’s practice partner. So it was to be expected a temper that could deal with the threat of a comeback. And so it was: Glory eliminated Gaby to play the great ending.

As far as poses is concerned, he had a rematch against Kyle McBantererface Spiegelman, who had already lost against Japanese in the game of winners. The qualifiers were not different, tracing the 1-2 against to go to the grand final against Glory. The great final, then, was outlined as one of the most renowned meetings by context. It was the crash between companions and a world champion.

Glory was in a deficit 0-2, being a single match to stay at 2nd place. However, Poses did not manage to close the day, allowing him to force him to force the fifth game. There, Glory could not against the mastery of the methane of divided into the Alter ac Valley of Poses, staying at a single victory to be a world Brampton.

Ben Lee, game director for Hearthstone, rated the weekend of competition as a fantastic, a good way to close the year of Gryphon. The 2022 will be another incredible year for Hearthstone, we can not wait for the community to be part of everything we have planned. Congratulations to poses! He declared.